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Hybrid May 4 '14

I have been noticing that several plugins / themes have been being updated quite frequently lately.  Some of the plugins I have, but for some odd reason are not auto-updating in my admin panel.  What I ended up having to do was manually updating them.  Once I did that, I noticed that, for example, one of the plugins I updated didn't have any updated code in it.  It simply had a new folder in the "update" folder and the file within it just had this:


And that was it....So needless-to-say, are these plugins actually updating or are they simply showing that they still exist in the store?  And if that's the case, are they supposed to auto-update in the admin area on our sites?  Because if so, I am not receiving the auto-updates anymore in my admin panel...  Or did they only make it where it is updated in the store on here?

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Pete May 5 '14

Your cron job is not set correct


Hybrid May 5 '14
My cron job is configured correctly.  Besides the questions I asked, could it quite possibly be my php.ini configuration?  I'm running php5.4
Den Team
Den May 7 '14

Would you list plugins you are talking about? 

Hybrid May 8 '14
It was the PhotoGroup Plugin that was most recent and before (awhile back ago) it was the Members Country Flag plugin.  The Members Country Flag plugin I didn't have my cron setup correctly so I had to manually update that one.  But this most recent one (PhotoGroup) plugin, my cron was setup correctly and still did not receive a notification in my admin panel saying that an update was ready.  I waited for about 3-5 days and nothing...so I ended up manually updating that plugin as well and when I checked what updates were made to that plugin all it had in it was "<?php" and that was it...

Another plugin just updated too (Photo Viewer like Facebook, G+) - however, this one I received a notification to update it in my admin panel (and I didn't do anything or change anything since).  So my question at hand would mainly pertain to, do the developers update their plugins on here to keep their plugins on the top of the list?  But since no actual updates were made to the plugins they don't update in our admin panels?

I hope I explained that well - if not, let me know.

Den Team
Den May 14 '14
Looks like the plugins has been updated. Contact the developers to confirm that.