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Invalid FTP attributes! Provided user doesn't have permissions to overwrite files. | Forum

Dylan May 11 '14
I've seen multiple forum threads on this but none of the suggestions address what I'm seeing. I think my issue is pretty simple but I'm not sure where to resolve it.

I have my own virtual server and wget my base install, not uploaded via FTP. Apache/PHP/vsftp

In my ftp log my base path is being duplicated:

Sun May 11 22:26:04 2014 [pid 31747] [user1] OK LOGIN: Client "x.x.x.x"

Sun May 11 22:26:04 2014 [pid 31749] [user1] FAIL MKDIR: Client "x.x.x.x", "/var/www/mysite.org/var/www/mysite.org/ow_core/test"

Where do I fix this?

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ross Team
ross May 12 '14
You need to use FTP attributes of a user who has the right to edit the files
Dylan May 15 '14
I'm not sure what that has to do with the path being wrong. The user is "user1" and the passwd entry for that user is:


The parent directory/web root is owned by the user/group and is currently chmod to 777 for troubleshooting purposes.

Dylan May 18 '14
Anybody else have ideas on how to fix the duplicate directory path issue?
Pedro Machado
Pedro Machado May 26 '14
1 - Open \ow_utilities\ftp.php

2 - Change line 63 for $dirRoot = '/'

The address for your dirRoot is duplicated /var/www.../var/www..

In my instalation in localhost (virtual machine) I had the same problem and after much work I found this solution.

Sorry, my english is not very good.

The Forum post is edited by Pedro Machado May 26 '14
ross Team
ross May 27 '14
Dylan have you made any changes in the ow_utilities/ftp.php and index.php ?
Olivier Jun 12 '14
Quote from ross Dylan have you made any changes in the ow_utilities/ftp.php and index.php ?

Did it, on a local VM and it did not the trick. But chmod 0777 /path/to/oxwall+/*/  did it. What a mess....