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Database Step Error: All Requirements are fulfilled | Forum

Zen Menahem
Zen Menahem Sep 9 '11
Dear all,
I keep getting the following error on installing 1.2.3 version: 
Error: Can't connect to database. Please provide valid connection attributes.
All requirements has fulfilled.

I try to change the user name and the error came out:
Error: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user 'ken_admin'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

I install on the testing server, running XAMPP 1.7.2: 
Apache 2.2.12 My SQL 5.1.37 and PHP 5.3.
Please tell me what is missing, cause I have done all possible things. 
Thank you.
Mohammad Gufran
Mohammad Gufran Sep 9 '11
Check required permissions for 'ken_admin' over the database.

try executing
GRANT ALL on OWDBASE.* to 'ken_admin'@'localhost';
on the mysql prompt.

Replace "OWDBASE" with the real database name
The Forum post is edited by Mohammad Gufran Sep 9 '11
Zen Menahem
Zen Menahem Sep 9 '11
I have to salt the password in table user in database mysql. Adding the following command to user
IDENTIFIED BY 'some_pass';