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Private group function in Oxwall | Forum

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Jonah Sep 18 '11
Is it possible to implement a private group function into oxwall?
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Den Team
Den Sep 19 '11
Will be implement soon with some of next update.
Troy Nov 15 '11
Excellent. This is vital. Thanks!
GH Nov 19 '11
yes, its a feature that we all want and are waiting for..
Being able to assign a moderater to a group, and let them approve or disprove members of a group will make oxwall be the leader..

Also, Admins need to be able to see all profile questions/information..

Michael I.
Michael I. Nov 21 '11
We will consider about improving Profiles interface in Admin Panel in near future.
Steven Myers
Steven Myers Nov 21 '11
I hope this can be done as posts that are being made in my group need to be private.
Jamie Nov 23 '11
Hi all. First off, thanks for creating this amazing software. I just found it a couple of days ago when switching to a web host that was (ironically) recommended by elgg. 

I have spent the last few days evaluating various social networking web apps and I'm very close to standardizing on oxwall for a few projects I'm about to start, but one of the projects really needs private groups. 

Any chance for a progress update on this feature, possibly an ETA?

Thanks a bunch!
Michael I.
Michael I. Nov 23 '11
Thank you for kind words, Jamie. You can check our Roadmap here to see what we have in our plans: http://www.oxwall.org/roadmap
John Nov 25 '11
Ill add to the pressure for this feature too.
Thanks in advance.
Jamie Nov 28 '11
Can you explain the meaning of "Stalled" as it appears in the Roadmap? Does this mean the feature is being pushed back indefinitely, or is it still coming when the 3 active items are finished? Would it be possible to get an estimate of when we could see a functional version of private groups? 

Not trying to seem pushy, I'm just new to Oxwall and not really sure how the development cycle / timeline works. This is a major feature for the sites I'm building.

Also, in the list of features that are coming, you have classifieds as coming one day, and gaming center for coming soon. I'm just one person, but I'd like to vote to swap those two. Classified would be very helpful for my particular community sites. 

Thanks for the response.
Michael I.
Michael I. Nov 29 '11
Stalled means our team started projecting the feature but then switched to developing some other feature that was considered as more important within current project plans. Stalled doesn't mean canceled, it means it will be released a bit later than expected.
Jamie Nov 29 '11
Ah, good to know. Thank you. 
GH Nov 29 '11
I too an really chomping at the bit for this feature.. We cant move ahead without it..

For me, its a very big priority.. I really wish I could help OW in some way to speed up the process, but Im not strong in PHP
Jamie Dec 16 '11
I just checked the roadmap and saw that private groups is currently in development. This is great news! Thank you for this.