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Is it possible to take specific code from select plugins and implement it on a different page (ie: a different sub-domain)? | Forum

Hybrid Jun 23 '14
I know this would take some custom modifications, but as the topic subject asks: Is it possible to take specific code from select plugins and implement it on a different page?

For example:

My oxwall site will eventually be moved to a sub-domain...with that being said, my main domain will be like an intro page or portal page.

I would like to make it where information from blog posts, groups created, etc...from the sub-domain gets updated on the main domain.

ie: If I create a group on the sub-domain - that group info gets automatically updated and displayed on the main domain.  Same goes for any blog posts, etc...

The main domain will not have a login system - but will have navigation links that direct users to the sub-domain (where they can register and/or login). - But I would like to have it where users see updated content on my main domain of which is from the sub-domain.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards and hope to see a response on this,


Hybrid Jun 24 '14
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Kenneth Jun 24 '14
XML/RSS with CSS is what it sounds like you are talking about. Basically taking RSS/XM feeds and making them convert to information on the main page. The only way to make it look pretty would be to work up a fancy HTML/CSS page the RSS/XML will feed into similar to a blogger or something like that. To be honest if you want to pull information from a subdomain to a main domain you are better off using APIs if you want it to be super pretty.
Hybrid Jun 25 '14
Tackling the html and css I can do - so no problem there...I just have no idea how to begin working with XML/RSS to extract that information from the sub-domain to the main-domain.

I was thinking PHP would be required without even considering about xml/rss...

How would I accomplish this?

Essentially all I would want is "If someone from the sub-domain creates a new group, or if there is one created already - that group info get's displayed in a specific div I have created on the main-domain" - pretty much like how that information get's displayed on the "group's page" of any oxwall site - where it displays all the groups created information.

And besides the group's, I'd like this to occur for "Events", "Blogs" and possibly other things...

If it's easier, let's start with the group's - is there any snippets of code within any of the group's plugin files that I could simply copy and paste to the main-domain div I created?  Or it is much more complex than that?

Hybrid Jun 25 '14
Okay - I found a similar question on stackoverflow pertaining to wordpress - however, this obviously will not relate to wordpress at all since this is oxwall ;)

Here is the link: http://stackoverflow.com/...-from-subdomain-blog

What this does is display the information from blogs posted on the sub-domain and displays it (most recent) on the main-domain.  With that being said, I'd like something very similar in context to this but workable for oxwall.

My sub-domain(s) have oxwall enabled - but my main-domain does not.  So with that being said, all I would like is to have information that is done from my sub-domain(s) be displayed on my main-domain (ie: groups created, events created, blog posts created, and possibly forum topics/posts created).

Is the best method here to create an XML/RSS or would something more complex be needed such that as an API call and/or what that link above provides?  And if so, where and how would I do this as I have no experience in those languages (XML/RSS, API, PHP).  I'm decent in HTML, CSS, and somewhat in JS, but other than that - not so much anything else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hybrid Jul 1 '14
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crb Jul 3 '14
iframe it ;)
Hybrid Jul 3 '14
How would I go about doing that?  Could you provide an example?
Hybrid Jul 7 '14
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I am slowly getting the gist of using iframes, but still am having issues.

<iframe src="http://www.mysitename.com/no-idea-what-needs-to-go-here-if-wanting-to-display-every-group-made-and-gets-made-in-the-future"></iframe>

This would be for groups obviously - but would also need it for blogs...Anyone?

Hybrid Jul 7 '14

So besides having the "Iframe" (which I still am unsure what I would need to use), I would also need this (in my case since I would be extracting this data from my sub-domain to my main-domain)...

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"> try { document.domain = 'mysitename.com'; } catch (e) {} </script>

And I would need to place that snippet of code on both pages (on sub-domain and on main-domain)....

So, final few questions here...I think I'm on the right track though...

1. What page/pages would I need to put that snippet above on my sub-domain (oxwall powered) if wanting to gather data from the groups, events and blogs to be automatically displayed on my main-domain (which is not oxwall powered)...?

2. What would be needed in the "Iframe" code in the post above for groups, events and blogs?  <iframe src="http://www.mysitename.com/no-idea-what-needs-to-go-here-if-wanting-to-display-every-group-made-and-gets-made-in-the-future"></iframe>?

Den Team
Den Jul 7 '14
Topic was moved from Custom Oxwall Projects.
Hybrid Jul 12 '14
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Hybrid Jul 22 '14
Jozko Jul 31 '14

I'm searching almost for the same solution. The differance is I would like to display avatars (small thumbnails) of 10 last users and 10 last photos added.


Any idea?

Jozko Aug 6 '14
:-( no support!!
Hybrid Aug 7 '14

@Jozko, I've been researching this for awhile now but still am baffled on how to accomplish this.  If I find anything more out, I'll keep you posted by replying to this thread.

I hope if anyone has any knowledge on how to do this, they will share here as well.

XML/RSS, iframes, and/or an API would do the trick, but how would we go about making either 1 of those options work?

I've tested iframes, doesn't work correctly, unless I'm doing it wrong - simply displays the entire page of the website rather than a select portion "div" that needs to be extracted...

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Jozko Aug 12 '14
Thx Hybrid82. Hope we will get the solution soon.