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Jenn B
Jenn B Sep 27 '11
I tried searching for this, but didn't see any topics that expressed exactly what I'm looking for (unless I'm blind - I apologize in advance if this is a duplicate topic). At some point down the line, it would be nice if we could select privacy options for each group.

Some examples:

Upon group creations, if there could be a drop down box with these options...

Open: Members and their posts are visible to everyone (all roles, except if the site is set so guests cannot view groups according to admin preference). Membership granted immediately by clicking "join".

Closed: Group description and member list is visible, but not what members post. Membership by request/approval...group creator handles approvals - and can perhaps designate group mods, but that might be pushing it... :\

Private/Invite Only: Membership by invitation only. Only members can see who is in the group and what they post.

I'm looking for functionality that's more similar to the Facebook or vBulletin forum groups, but I understand there might be other more important features being worked on.

A big thank you to the development team for providing this software as it is! My partners and I are thrilled to have found it :D
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Den Team
Den Sep 27 '11
Hello Aeons
We are already plan to develop groups privacy in this way. And it will be added in one of the next soon updates :)
Jenn B
Jenn B Sep 27 '11
Excellent! You guys are awesome!!!

Thanks so much for the quick response and again for developing this software.
GH Oct 29 '11
In my case.. I need one more option.. I need the public to be able to see everything.. But only an approved user can contribute. This is very important to  us, as we use our groups to show the whole world what is going on.. but only approved users can make comments.

Along with this, an admin will need to see all the profile information, to determine if they should aprove the user for the group.

Den Team
Den Nov 10 '11
Topic was moved from Core.
Alvin Dec 18 '11
ALSO MAKE ROLES have more sense to them.. they don't DO anything much.. but allow/disallow all the reading/posting...   so why have more than 2 roles?    What is the point if we can't make areas that only CERTAIN roles can see or not see?   I thought they were supposed to be like security levels as in FORUM software?   WHERE IS THE MULTI-LEVEL SECURITY?
Michael Leader
Michael Dec 19 '11
I replied to your other post in relation to this with my opinions...