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Problem with encoding in 1.7 [Answered] | Forum

Jozef Jul 9 '14
After update to 1.7 i have problem with mail text charset (á ľ š č ť é)

for example:  "á"  shows as "á"

according to this table: 


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ross Team
ross Jul 9 '14
We have just tested on yahoo and gmail. Gmail works fine and yahoo is not and that depends on the mail agent you use, this is how the mail agent interprets these symbols. 

Because you test it on your own, go to your ow_base_mail table when you send those mails or notifications you'll see that these characters are displayed properly. 

Tomas Novak
Tomas Novak Jul 9 '14
i have the same problem... but on my iPhone show the email charset right.. in Oxwall 1.6 was all good
Jozef Jul 9 '14

In database table ow_base_mail cange (subject, textContent,.....) encoding from "utf8_general_ci" to (in my caseutf8_slovak_ci.
Thank you ross...

ross Team
ross Jul 10 '14
Thanks Jozef, I'm going to mark this post as Answered
Jozef Jul 11 '14
after several tests I found this works only for big email providers. In other mails do not work corectly

but how is it possible that in the previous ox version it work? 

Please if you have any suggestions help, it is important to Maili work properly. thanks

Jozef Jul 11 '14
it looks like the problem: http://www.i18nqa.com/debug/bug-utf-8-latin1.html

mail source:

--b1_9d7fe2248076172b47bcd8b5925a3cd9Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Ahoj xxxxx,<br /><br />ÄŽakujeme, Ĺľe si nastĂşpil/a na Koráb.sk!  Teraz je potrebnĂ© aby si overil/a svoj email kliknutĂ­m na <a href="http://www.xxxxxxxx.sk/...da2be19bc4e827cb9b36">tento odkaz</a><br /><br />Alebo mĂ´Ĺľte nasledujĂşci kĂłd priamo vloĹľiĹĄ po kliknutĂ­ na <a href="http://www.xxxxxxxx.sk/email-verify-form">tento odkaz</a>: 5eab0e5b9ad0da2be19bc4e827cb9b36<br /><br />ÄŽakujeme,<br />Koráb.sk administrácia


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FJK Jul 11 '14
Same problem here with German language. No ÄÜÖß etc. in mails since update. Not solved so far...
Pedro Machado
Pedro Machado Jul 11 '14
I have the same problem... 

After update to 1.7. 

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Pedro Machado
Pedro Machado Jul 11 '14
I found a solution that worked for me.

I changed the line 56 in the file /ow_libraries/php_mailer/class.phpmailer.php to:

 public $CharSet = 'utf-8';

I think that better don't change table ow_base_mail; see this:


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Jozef Jul 12 '14
Thank you Pedro Machado, it works for me :)
FJK Jul 12 '14
Great job Pedro, solved ;-) !
Pete Jul 12 '14

worked for me thanks

Daisy Team
Daisy Aug 4 '14
Guys, you should not make changes in the default class.phpmailer.php file. If you want to redefine the default charset you should add the following string

 $mailer->CharSet = "utf-8";

into the /ow_system_plugins/base/bol/mail_service.php file

on line 123 before return $mailer; string.
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