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Suggestion for the Oxwall Store | Forum

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Martin Philipps
Martin Philipps Jul 9 '14


with the new release of Oxwall 1.7, I (and probably many others) have the problem to know which plugin is already updated and which not. It is tedious to ask each plugin developer in the forum or via PM.

I suggest that when a plugin or theme is uploaded by a developer, he has to fill out a form (checkboxes) showing which versions are supported: 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 etc.

Then the user could filter plugins/themes according to versions. Wehn looking at a plugin, it would be immediately visible if that particular plugin supports a certain Oxwall version or not.

That woud be really of big help!

John Jul 10 '14
I'm with you Martin. 1.7 was a bit of a surprise and from what I've read, I'm guessing a number of plugins in the store and ones I've recently purchased may no longer work. The feature in your suggestion should have also been a feature at the store a long time ago.
Den Team
Den Jul 14 '14
In a few days we are going to update Store with new improvements. And version compatibility is also included into this update. 
Martin Philipps
Martin Philipps Jul 14 '14
ok, looking forward :)
John Jul 14 '14
One surprise after another. Almost too good to be true. I just hope it makes my plugins work better ;-0
Pete Jul 14 '14
Why don't you write a book john everything about oxwall  ,every thing from tips and tricks ,to doing a setup ,etc. you could sell it has a download .Has writing was your line of work .
John Jul 15 '14
Hi Pete,

I don't use Oxwall enough. I have actually co-authored a few books on Australian gold mining history, but I've written hundreds of tutorials on Computer software over the years. The idea of an Oxwall book did cross my mind because people do struggle with small things such as where to do this or that. I still don't understand the technical side of Oxwall, but I find it easy enough to use. I learned basic PHP years ago, but have since forgotten most of what I learned. Have been teaching computers since 1983 when CP/M was the go and initially taught people how to use dbII.
Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Jul 15 '14
Nice John :) I also did Php but times moves so fast you get caught up with other things and when you go back you have missed a lot in the technology world :).

@ Martin, a Good Point indeed !!

Martin Philipps
Martin Philipps Jul 15 '14

Right now I am not updating since MOST of my plugins don't show yet in the admin panel that there is an update for them. So I am waiting...

The problem is, that I will be waiting maybe in vain, because many plugins probably already work with 1.7. So the developer does not make an update, no update will be shown in the admin section - and I'll be waiting for ages.

Developers should tell us if there current plugins do work also in 1.7 or wether we should wait for an update...

JB Tech (FoxTechs)
JB Tech (FoxTechs) Jul 17 '14
I didn't read through all of your guy's posts here (sorry), but here's what I believe that, if it should be added, would make the Oxwall store more efficient and beneficial to Oxwall-users:

-Version Compatibility: Require an additional statement in the plugin.xml like <versioncomp> to state which version of Oxwall supports (must be the highest version it can support). This will show on a plugin/theme's details.

-Search filters: Let customers filter store results by Plugin/Theme Version, Cost (a slider going from smething like $0 to $300), Rating count; all of this along with the plugin/theme type.

-Update Notification: Update the customers of a plugin/theme on both their Oxwall.org accounts and via email that said plugin/theme has been updated. The email notification can contain the changelog, the on-site notification will take them to the plugin page.

-Changelog: Most developers on here have little to NO changelog for their plugin updates, and they easily get lost in the plugin/theme forums. I think on the plugin edit page, there should be a text area for "CHANGELOG" that the developer can fill out with all the changes, and that the system can read a CHANGELOG.xml file from plugin's sources to automatically fill it in. The change log can be viewed by clicking a "Changelog" link in the last bit of a plugin description.

-Trusted Sellers: A badge for third-party developers/companies that have met certain standards to be trusted from the Oxwall community. For example, to earn the badge you must make say over 500 plugin license sales or have a total of 100 5'star feedbacks from any/all of your items. Users can then sort the store by Trusted Sellers. 

-Safety Information: To keep customers protected, on plugin/theme pages there should be listed "Safety Information." This displays when the mod team finds that the plugin/theme uses/relies on other third-party scripts/software to function but they still pass it. This could also include simple things such as "Style collisions may occur" or "Uses an older version of jQuery." This way customers can stay more in-formed.

Last, I'd like to recommend a style update: on a profile page that has oxwall store items, it should display like the 1.7 photos display: pinterest style with the main picture showing and it's details "name, version, etc." available on hover. This makes browsing certain merchant's items easier.

Thanks for your time.


Martin Philipps
Martin Philipps Jul 17 '14
Very good suggestions, I like esp. the update notification!