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tammy harris
tammy harris Jul 24 '14

uservoice makes no sense at all

in top ideas theres only one post that oxwal has put under review 
Fully adjustable additional pages.      487 voates

i would like to have video uploader and not just embed video    630 votes 
and oxwall has not even looked at it 

now lets look a declined 

Country and City

It's very important to have country and city location field

DECLINED  ·  AddensterAddenster (Admin, Oxwall) responded

Already available via plugins http://www.oxwall.org/store/search/plugin?q=location

wheres the location plugin for country city ????

A social game arcade

like the games on Facebook( Farmville, Gangster wars, ect.) 
where you can compete for points and stuff

Addenster (Admin, Oxwall) responded

Already available via plugins http://www.oxwall.org/store/search/plugin?q=game

wheres the integrated multiplayer games like the games on Facebook( Farmville, Gangster wars, ect.) 

now lets look at completed

on average the vote count for completed ideas is 60 votes 
so why is there so many ideas in top ideas that oxwall has not even responded to
and video uploader at 630 votes ????? 

tammy harris
tammy harris Jul 29 '14
not even a response ????
Steve Jul 29 '14
video upload a must, and additional pages current version 1.7 I would like to be able to use the widgets drag n drop system when creating a new page.

but oxwall is free ...

ross Team
ross Jul 30 '14
Our team goes through all suggestions, however if some other are left without a reply, it does not mean we did not pay attention to that, some suggestions are just individual requests which are not valid in the meantime or at all. Some are marked as declined or under consideration. Our team regularly checks the suggest board and looks through the suggestion list. 

If some suggestions are  in the top, we'll consider it of course, but it does not mean we'll implement it as may go against our roadmap or course of the software enhancement. 

tammy harris
tammy harris Jul 30 '14
thanks ross a but more clarity would be nice if you go through the pages looks like oxwall dont even look at anything 
i maked heaps of post as they are spam and some been there a wile 
more clarity like mark post let us know whats going on like
dissaproved - against our roadmap,
dissaproved - out of the scope off oxwall

considered-  if more people vote for it 
considered- if our road map heads that way 
approved- we will implement this in an upcoming build  

Daisy Team
Daisy Aug 5 '14
Hi Tammy,

First things first:

- the Oxwall Foundation is a non-profit unincorporated organization with limited human resources
- Oxwall software still lacks some fundamental features that are currently in development
- Our community and demand of various individual features are rapidly growing

Yet, even in the face of all this, we do our best to timely release major essential features.

We developed a flexible and easy to use PHP/MySQL software platform for everyone to extend its functionality by developing new plugins.

Our suggest board is one of the ways for us to learn what essential features the community needs. I want to stress that this board is designed specifically to give ideas and inspiration not only to our team at Oxwall Foundation, but the entire Oxwall Community, with its army of third-party developers.

The better part of the major updates come with the most important and essential features. However, to identify ideas of primary relevance we need to hear the voices of our webmasters. This is why we use the uservoice platform with its voting system for proposed features, which lets us set priorities in the dev plan if the demand really exists - the bigger the score, the higher the priority.

Your feedback and suggestions are very important to our team, but understandably it's quite difficult to process every single individual suggestion. This means that an answer should not be expected for every idea posted.

The eventual decision will be made based on the number of votes a suggestion received, while other ideas are skipped for the time being, generating more traction with the community.

I hope this makes our stance on the matter more clear.
tammy harris
tammy harris Aug 5 '14
i understand all that daisy and if you have a look at some of the forums i have answered say please be patient oxwall is doing the best it can and to please be patient they are working on fixing the problems

what i am saying would take 2 or 3 minutes a week to flag a few of the ideas
to let oxwall community know what how and why  

at the moment everything up in the air and no one has a clue whats going on in uservoice
 and with major bug fixes in 1.7 
peoples servers are overloaded and crashing, hosting company's closing account for use to much resources, page load times are through the roof an users of oxwall sites getting the shits

just somthing to let people no whats happening would make so much difference in userboice
and with main script
people would be able make a decision stay 1.7 or revert back to 1.5

in uservoice i have added some features and 2 of them are simple way to stop all the site crashes site down and not working and users looking for answers to how to fix it 
from updating plugins and core 

The Forum post is edited by tammy harris Aug 5 '14
Daisy Team
Daisy Aug 6 '14
Tammy, the problem is that  would not take 2 or 3 minutes a week because the process of suggestion review may be longer than we all expect. More over there is no need to review new suggestions since we make a decision based on the number of votes a suggestion received. Just imagine, what will happen if we rejected a suggestion, but after a month it gets 1000 votes.

As to the situation related to 1.7.0. release - it has nothing to do with the uservoice or with the information about what people should expect. This information can be found at our public forum or blog. The majority of our customers usually search for the information and then make a decision whether they want to update their sites or not.

You can find the list of the features which are in development or will be developed in the upcoming releases here: http://www.oxwall.org/roadmap

Tammy, the suggest board is the place where everyone can post a feature that, they think, should be implemented in to the software or developed as the plugin in future, but not bug reports, solutions or the information on current situation.
tammy harris
tammy harris Sep 4 '14
sorry i worded that a bit wrong  in the blog let people know how what why and when