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I can't add Youtube link !! Shows error !!! Help ! - Video | Forum

Kelvin Aug 11 '14
406 Not Acceptable !!!

Not Acceptable

An appropriate representation of the requested resource /video/add/index/ could not be found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Aug 12 '14
Please disable mod_rewrite module on your server
Kelvin Aug 12 '14
I can't do it. and Godaddy shared hosting can't help me disable parts of rules. Because they said it is a critical severity. must rewrite code.
Kelvin Aug 12 '14
I have a question. Why you guys can just avoid 406 issue ? for example, I can embed youtube films on blog. A tiny icon shows Insert Video that works everywhere. but how come in Video section. I got error ? and you guys always try to let users to make provider disable mod_sec ???
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Aug 13 '14
Which is why Godaddy is not recommended by Oxwall.
Kelvin Aug 13 '14
I don't think so. I just install fresh Oxwall on other website. Photo upload is worked !!! but when I upgrade new version of photo plugin. It stops working. so I think it is a coding problem. Can you make a most compatibility without 406 issue ? I think it is javascript issue or jQuery issue. You can smartly make good photo plugin and video plugin without against mod_security rules !
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Aug 18 '14
it is not a coding problem, it is settings of mod_security module, which is why we asked you to disable it.
Kelvin Aug 19 '14
No, I just want another version that don't need to against mod_security.
David Feb 26 '15
Can you do a mod-rewrite in htaccess?

Brian May 8 '15
Godaddy has MOD_SECURITY in place and it causes problems across the board. After months of discussions I switched to Arvixe and the world is a better place. Problem is godaddy........
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software May 12 '15
As we already noted like hundred times, Godaddy is not a recommended hosting
Joerg Henkel
Joerg Henkel Jul 8 '15
I am using the namecheap webhosting service and am having the same problem.

Where could I find the mod_rewrite module ? What category would that be under ?

I am hoping you can help me , I just started using your oxwall software for a local gaming group and I am very impressed with the whole package.



Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jul 8 '15
Contact your hosting provider to assist you with disabling mod_security module or configuring it properly.
Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Jul 4 '16

You don't have permission to access /video/add/index on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

help needed for enhanced active sites

My service provider is linked

mod_security demanding help to activate

Which instructions to Use

They agree to exceptions for active

Photo joint impossible

Impossible to add video

impossible to poke

NOTE 1: In the Permissions page possess the necessary permissions.

I had no problems pre-date

new date but eventually I started having problems

I'm a very problematic case plugin

communications and urgent requests for help ediyorken


some embed code can be added on my youtube.co.

Some codes can not be added

I do not understand how this is happening

a number of video works iframe code

90% of my code are beginning to give permission to purchase server error

Oxwall software

It is to launch multiple problems need immediate assistance.

It is how it should be active

How to configure Active method

This question is asked to me

We presented an exceptional permission protocol

What steps should be allowed in this case,

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Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jul 11 '16
You have mod_security enabled on your server, contact your hosting provider to disable it.
Judia Krakowski
Judia Krakowski Apr 18 '19
I had this same problem. I contacted Namecheap, and they fixed it. Great support from them, too.
coca mary
coca mary Nov 20 '19

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aostv Sep 4 '20
i too faced the same problem but now it is fixed , thanks for the solution.

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