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Cant post video embed or Photo on Newsfeed | Forum

GH Oct 20 '11
Ok, this is weird.. Ive tried everything, updated, deleted entire directories,
As far as I know, Everything is current.

If I put a newsfeed on my main page.. Everything works perfect..

If I put a newsfeed on my group page, It doesnt.
The first comment you make, thats not indented.. you cant post a video or picture..
If you comment on a comment, the embed vid and picture works perfect..

I cant for the life of me figure out why.. The thing is, Im sure it worked when I first started building it..

Just tried it on wall.fm.. Same issue.. So I know its not me.. Its a real problem.

Any ideas?

The Forum post is edited by GH Oct 20 '11
Den Team
Den Oct 21 '11
Would you provide us with a link to this group's page?
GH Oct 21 '11
Make a phony user, I will approve you.. and let you play..

GH Oct 21 '11
Seems the same issue exists with Wall.

GH Oct 22 '11
Cant belive that such a big bug hasnt been reported before..
Its really important that we use a newsfeed not a wall in our projects..
We love the look of the newsfeed, as you can comment on a comment.

Help!  We are desperate for this to work right.. Any ideas?

The Forum post is edited by GH Oct 22 '11
Den Team
Den Oct 24 '11
Would you PM me your admin details and group's URL?
Vicki Oct 30 '11
I have a similar issue.

On my MAIN page, I enter some text into the NEWSFEED and click post. It gives me an error "blank page".

If I go to MY DASHBOARD which I renamed My Profile, and put some text into the NEWSFEED, it will work.

The Forum post is edited by Vicki Oct 30 '11
Den Team
Den Oct 31 '11
As I see you have 1.2.4 installed. Did you update newsfeed and platform?
Vicki Oct 31 '11
I have just updated it and it works now.