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Kenneth Aug 16 '14
I noticed there was a recent update to the store which was all fine and allows to review and see what you bought a bit easier and version support.

An issue I have been reading lately is many users are going around rag-tagging vendors about how their plug-in doesn't work with third party other OxWall based plug-ins. Though not directly their fault they still get the pointed finger at them like all themes, plug-ins and projects are universal and go through OxWall's supervision or something.

I just feel that before anyone buys a plug-in or theme there should be a check box agreeing that any plug-ins or themes that they have an understanding and have read all agreements based in the OxWall store rules.

I am just getting annoyed trying to read a thread on the plug in and all I get is petty arguments about how they payed money so the vendor should edit, add and fix all features they want right away.

Don't forget everyone, These plug-ins, themes and features are all tested and developed around the default OxWall product. If it did not come with OxWall it's not developed to work with it out of the box.
Den Team
Den Aug 20 '14
Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys,

I believe users who expect a plugin's compatibility with their third party items installed, are less technically skilled. They just would like an item to work well on their sites, and don't want to sort out why it could be incompatible with tons of other installed plugins. 

This is a sign of increasing number of less technically-minded users among the Oxwall community. And I think it is a good tendency, which should compel developers to write more compatible plugins and themes. Furthermore, Oxwall provides all necessary options for this in its core.

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Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Aug 21 '14
I think its important to remember that this has always been an issue with 3rd party software. If you want a 110% working product out of the box then finding a team of developers to build you a custom website for (Insert a large amount of money here) is the appropriate response. When you have a pool of different developers with different skill sets you are going to have conflicts. Further more those conflicts can be one off at times.  Many of these companies offer extended support and oxwall may not be the only software they develop for. Many users do not take these things into consideration. 

Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Aug 21 '14
We do. ;)
tammy harris
tammy harris Sep 15 '14
i have rated plugins in store as bad 
only after proving to the dev that it has problems on default oxwall and on there test site 
then after 2 or 3 months nothing is still not done about the problem i give them a bad rating
some plugins 12 months now and they still dont work
some plugins 12 months and not even an answer from developer  
theres lots plugins say its xyz plugin
and xyz plugin should do xyz
but no it only does half of what a xyz plugin should do so is useless and dev wont develop it 
to make it work how a xyz plugin should work 

i have 13 plugins total $240 that are useless because they dont do what they should do or just dont work
Rob R
Rob R Sep 15 '14
It's these "non-technical" types that propel software like Joomla and Wordpress to where they are now.  I suspect a majority of the money spent in the store are from these types as well.

Be careful what you wish for.

[edit]  And if these plugins were truly intended "not to work out of the box," I suggest a very clear and explicit disclaimer on each plugin page stating that "THIS PLUGIN IS DESIGNED TO WORK WITH THE CORE OXWALL INSTALLATION ONLY.  TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER THIRD-PARTY PLUGINS INSTALLED."

I'd really like to see how the store does then.
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tammy harris
tammy harris Sep 15 '14
i just dont know how a plugin that does not work or is not what the plugin says it is
or is a complete coding nightmare  
then how did it get into the store to start with, how did moderators approve it 
Den Team
Den Sep 22 '14
Topic has been cleaned up from of the off topic messages. 

Rob R and OxwallAcessories, this isn't a right place for personal support issues. Please, use reviews and plugin's forums for this.

Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Sep 29 '14

I registered after I have purchased approximately 45 plugin, again, those who create the various plugins should cooperate more and exalt this 3rd party support. But often it seems so again it's just too easy and flush problems onto others who create plugins! One was strengthened and closer collaboration between all producers plugin and themes are absolutely necessary, as I see it.

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Abbey Nov 13 '14
If there is an incompatibility issue for me it becomes a case of which plugin I want more, then I move on. If I really want both I would approach the Dev, if he can't help theres no point raggig on him, reviews should be based on their performance not their compatibility
matt Nov 24 '14
With other larger/older/worser platforms - there are most usually  number of plugins to choose from. So if one plugin has some function you need, but is not compatible then there will almost always be another that is. This is driven by competition. Which is good for all of us, if conducted in a healthy way. Currently, in oxwall, some/many/most feature only have one plugin providing them - and one developer. 

edit to add - Unlike the above poster - I don;t think we should have to choose between: what is in fact, at the moment, quite a sparse feature set.

So there is no choice but to hire someone to do the work - therefore either paying for plugin development and having to become a plugin retailer (when really one only wanted to be a customer) or simply swallow the cost - which is often not possible on lower budget jobs in this (global) recession. 

Edit - so unlike the above posters (towards the top) buying a plugin and then have to fork it? - It means I need a team of oxwall experienced engineers, maintaining my suite of custom code, to support my clients - rather than handing over to their generalist IT admin. 

So it rather illuminates the idea of store plugins having much of any value - when they don't inter operate. You may cuss the others systems all you like (and all suffer from plugin conflicts etc, its the name of teh game) but competition and a friendly community of developers takes care of business.

When a feature is only available in one plugin, from one developer, and is not compatible with other popular and good quality plugins - the market is a developers market. And the customer/client loses out. And therefore the community, and therefore the developers and everybody concerned.

For those of us, like me, who are trying to build the oxwall brand, and are responsible for many plugin and theme sales - we find our selves looking at other platforms for clients - simply because we cannot offer a full feature set without custom development costs that price us out of the job, using oxwall. So we use a different platform.

I try really hard to use oxwall when a social script is needed. But it is a struggle because of the lack of choice in the store.

With oxwall looking at CMS now - well that is an interesting move. But assets will need to be secured. for any of us setting up websites which are monetised or need asset protections beyond simple hashing of file names - an asset security system is going to be a must for some.

I am getting old, tis true, but I remember the days when the customer was king - and service providers worked for the dollar. 

Fact remains, my clients (via me) will pay more for plugins that work with the other popular third party plugins - because as yet - the whole store plugin feature set is still basic - and any decent community needs a good chunk of them to offer anything like comparable to other platforms. And so the plugin developers (who are sometimes also core developers) are still filling the gaps fleshing out oxwall to something approaching a fully fledged system - until we get competition, instead of mini monopoly going, we are stuck.

So here's a basic business lesson for you youngsters, from an old timer. When you make good quality product that works with core and the other well respected third party products. People will pay the premium. And then... when you have made some cash - others will try and compete for the money with you. And you know what - the best, most useful code will most often win out, even if it sells for a higher premium.

Kind regards,


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Durlabh Ashok
Durlabh Ashok Nov 24 '14
Matt +1
E.D. Jun 22 '15
@ TAMMY you're right that's absolute crap with the plugins I've thrown a lot of money out of the window just because the plugin does not work with other
Either the developer silent and does not answer at all
or he Distansiert and says is not my problem
and it goes on and on
The store is a good idea only also something reasonable must be implemented as if money is requested for a plug-in market