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Date format order for Russian [Solved] | Forum

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David Sep 9 '14
Please help.

How to change Date format in Newsfeed, I mean order of date format?

We have this:

Sep 8

Sep 7

Sep 6


But russian language users need such order:

8 sep.

7 sep.

6 sep.

or all these in Russian:

8 сент.

7 сент.

6 сент.

Where in the script it can be changed?

The Forum post is edited by ross Sep 14 '14
tammy harris
tammy harris Sep 9 '14
Did you change date order in admin 
David Sep 9 '14

Quote from Tammy Did you change date order in admin 
It is not.

In admin: for day/month/year, not for Month number... (

ross Team
ross Sep 12 '14
Check this post, please do the search before posting: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/321
David Sep 12 '14
Thanks a lot! The problem fixed.

It's hard to find something at this forum...

ross Team
ross Sep 14 '14
Great! Can you please share your solution for other community members?

Meanwhile, I'm going to mark this post as Solved. 

David Sep 15 '14
The solution.




$month . strftime(" %e", $timeStamp) :

$month . strftime(" %e '%y", $timeStamp);

replace with:

strftime("%e ", $timeStamp) . $month :strftime("%e '%y ", $timeStamp) . $month;


$month . ( $militaryTime ? strftime(" %e, %H:%M", $timeStamp) : strftime(" %e, %I:%M%p", $timeStamp) ) :$month . ( $militaryTime ? strftime(" %e '%y, %H:%M", $timeStamp) : strftime(" %e '%y, %I:%M%p", $timeStamp) );

replace with:( $militaryTime ? strftime("%e, %H:%M ", $timeStamp) : strftime("%e, %I:%M%p ", $timeStamp) ) . $month :( $militaryTime ? strftime("%e '%y, %H:%M ", $timeStamp) : strftime("%e '%y, %I:%M%p ", $timeStamp) ) . $month;

ross Team
ross Sep 15 '14
Thank you very much, hope somebody will find it useful