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Modification in Groups Plugin | Forum

Mashoor Classified
Mashoor Classified Sep 15 '14
Can anyone please help me on this below issue.

Group member can not see other groups members. He can only see the group and when he clicks join he will be redirected to other page. 

Private groups should be show in main page. It becomes hidden. 

Karargaht Sep 15 '14
Try uninstalling and reinstalling the new plugin download.
Mashoor Classified
Mashoor Classified Sep 16 '14
Sorry this post its not an issue let me clear actually I have posted this topic before in General Questions Sections the person Ross advised me that there is custom code modification required for this issue. 

Is there anyone help me custom code modification in groups plugin?

Once again i am clearing what the thing i want in my Oxwall:


By Default: Group Members can see other group members.


What i Required: I have settled paid membership in each groups with different prices, but the issue is the group member can see other group member as well if i put the groups locked it seems hidden for the guests. 

For Guests: The Groups should be visible but when the Guests opens it appears you do not have access to view this group. 

For The Members: The Member can see all the details and all the members of his own groups. He cannot see other member if he is not in his group. And the list of the groups name should be also visible for the members same like Guests. 

For your acknowledgement i have already updated this plugin 2-3 days before. But i want some modification which Ross advised me. Can anyone have any experience with my this topic? Or anyone can guide my what code replacement or changes i have to be made. 

Awaiting for your replies.


In Last big credit to Ross for the guidance. 

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Daisy Team
Daisy Oct 15 '14
Mashoor Classified, this is a quite complicated modification which affects a lot of functionality, and if you are not familiar with the plugin development or code modification, it would be better for you to find a developer who can help you with this plugin development. I suggest visiting our Oxwall Market: http://www.oxwall.org/market/specialists.
The Forum post is edited by Daisy Oct 15 '14