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How much server space is enough for Oxwall ? | Forum

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Darren Sep 17 '14
I am sure the answer will depend on how many users, but I am after a general idea on the amount of server space required to run Oxwall successfully. I am looking at setting up a site based around photography and are worried about how much space would be required for say 500 members ?

Also, how do you clean out old posts and photos ? Or will Oxwall do this automatically ? Is there plugin that will optimise photos as they are uploaded ?

ross Team
ross Sep 17 '14
You will need VPS server to handle 500 active users. The space depends on the VPS plan

To clean old post and photos - you will need to do that manually via front-end or database. 

What do you mean by optimizing photos as they are uploaded? Do you mean cropping? If so, then it is done by default photo plugin. 

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Darren Sep 17 '14
Ok, so 500 might be considered heavy use of both a servers resources and Oxwall ? I understand different hosts provide different plans and space, just wondering how much space others use, and what they feel is adequate, like 10gb or 100gb, perhaps 500gb ?

What I mean by optimise images, is resizing larger images down to a more web friendly size, so they dont push your data allowance hard when viewing.
ross Team
ross Sep 17 '14
You will need for the reply from other community members who use VPS servers. 

Yes, default photo plugin does the resizing, comes with the default software. 

tammy harris
tammy harris Sep 18 '14
100 gb is good to start with it sounds a lots but when you set the server to say 
 backups every 2 or 3 days  and keep 2 or 3 at all times and maybe a weekly backup as well it starts to add up