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Fancybox operation - Fancybox | Forum

Andrew Nov 14 '11

I have installed the fancybox plugin but can see no indication of how to use it. Nor can I find any docs. 

How does one use it?
Many thanks
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Den Team
Den Nov 14 '11
Topic was moved from Plugins.
Niels Nov 15 '11
Same here, can't get it running... :(
Honsa Nov 16 '11
it just run on photo_preview class of the photo plugin, just installing and activate it.
Niels Nov 18 '11
Well, if it was that simpel I would have it working by now... I have installed it, I can see the plug-in is present but it does nothing....

In another topic I read something about sites being placed in a subfolder (like www.mydomain.com/oxwall ) and that the plug-in doesn't work well in that case. Could that be the problem?
Niels Nov 18 '11
As a non-PHP programmer I'm a little proud of myself... ;-)

When I look at the file init.php in the Fancybox-plugin and change all lines with

script src="/ow_static/plugins/fancybox


script src="/foldername/ow_static/plugins/fancybox

(where foldername is the folder where my site is stored, www.mydomain.com/foldername)

the plug-in suddenly works...

But still, the user has no possibility to delete his own photo's?
Honsa Nov 20 '11
thx for your share, its important that people like you get an eye on details :)
Niels Nov 21 '11
I've decided to de-install this plug-in and to wait for a new version... It looks good but it causes too many problems:

- When the plug-in is active it changes the lay-out of the site. I'm using the "spring"-template from Oxwall, the menu-bar is moved when I use the plug-in?
- Users get errormessages when uploading photo's about "services not available". In Firefox they can click away these messages and continue, in IE this is not possible;
- The option to delete your own photo's or video's is not always present and when present not always functions correct.

I have a lot of respect for the people who develop open-source software (they make my life as a website-builder much and much easier! ;-) ) but at this stage this plug-in is not mature enough. If I was a programmer myself I loved to assist in developing it further but I'm not...
Honsa Nov 25 '11
1. ok i fixed that
2. i tried it with the advanced and the old uploader, cannot reproduce it
3. thats based on your role settings

thx, i am doing this for free

anyway i updated the plugin to the newest version 2 of fancybox and this is still in development, you ever have to customize

Tony Nov 26 '11
Hi, I need urgent help, I updated the plugin FancyBox from the control panel and my site has been useless, someone has a solutionhttp://oxwallhispano.gent10.com/

Honsa Nov 27 '11
delete the plugin manually, cannot reproduce this error 
Tony Nov 27 '11
Solved, Thank you.
Jose Dec 5 '11
If you are not the same thing happen, I have installed FancyBox, when you select an image or photograph, photography opens in another window, which may be the reason?
Honsa Dec 12 '11
have you cleaned your browser cache? are the included scripts readable?
Craig Pauli
Craig Pauli May 9 '12
Doesn't work all I get is photo opening in a new page like it does with standard install.
Justin Holmes
Justin Holmes Jun 7 '12
Yes same with me...no operation what-so-ever
Honsa Dec 15 '12
Are the paths correct if you check the .js files through the output HTML source?

Try the newest version.

Joseph Dec 15 '12
this plugin seems to me like it does nothing that oxwall does not already do
Honsa Dec 18 '12
now yes, but i remember there was no fancy or such image effect
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