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The person who spreads plugins free, have a lack of respect for others' work. | Forum

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Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Sep 29 '14

I got a message on Oxwall today about one offer of getting a whole bunch plugin for free. Well, I was curious, but not to live on other people's toil, but to see what plugins it was. And my conclusion is obvious. This I do not like. I choose not to name the person here on the forum in this context, but warns the person about att such I could have given notice to all who make plugins.

Even if the person claims att he bought the nearly 150 plugin, he has of course not allowed to pursue them free to others. I encourage others who have received similar message, to show respect for the immense work that lies behind all produced plugin.

I even bought 45 plugin for now and decide to continue with it.
The person who spreads plugins have a lack of respect for others' work.
I encourage him to read and understand the license terms for plugins and understand the enormous work that faith already behind each plugin.

Ketil Ervik.

Steve Winter
Steve Winter Sep 29 '14

The little scum sent me the following spam



RAHUL varma


Get the oxwall premium plugins free here


Special edition Hurry Up !

Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Sep 29 '14

Yes it was the same message I got. One could actually download the plugins he was referring to. But they can be used, I do not know. This is stealing and very disrespectful above those who develop them.

Purusothaman Ramanujam
Please do confirm if there any of my plugins listed? I believe he mas many plugins of mine as I have given some discount for Indian buyers.
Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Oct 30 '14
Its some time now, i delet that for long time ago, so i cant se anymore, sorry.
And belive that the spamlink dont exist enymore here. Hopes they stop him!
Sprintally® Nov 4 '14
yup bro  Purusothaman Ramanujam  i have seen lots of your plugins are there i will send you via PM the link .. we should report google blogger  .
Purusothaman Ramanujam
Thanks dear Edward.
Pete Nov 4 '14

Don't use them people or putting viruses in them,you have been warned  .Use at your own risk

Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Nov 4 '14
Have pay for over 80 plugin now, and never use that hacker thing. Yes its true i think the risk for viruses in that stolen plugin. Pay for your plugin and have free uppdate in store. moore safe.