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Toff Suspended? | Forum

Lea Gail Parkhurst
Lea Gail Parkhurst Dec 1 '11
Hello, after months of trying to get my theme working again, I hired a developer to fix my website, and he is telling me he can not as it is suspended?  Can you tell me is this  from Oxwall that it is suspened?  Or is it Google or Facebook? and If so how to I get it un-suspended? and active again.
Owen Baines
Owen Baines Dec 1 '11
If your Site is Suspended then only your host can shed light onto this, Oxwall can not UnSuspend a site that has been suspended by your host.
Keelan Leader
Keelan Dec 5 '11
More than likely due to you running 1 min cron jobs if you have a shared host they normally do not like this or Oxwall is using up to many resources.

Hosts cram people onto a shared server meaning if someone is using more resources it brings down the other accounts on your server. 

Normally this is resolved by using a recommended host or moving to a VPS.
Dido Dec 9 '11
You can use a hostgator shared hosting till 100 users online
afther that they will block your site because of a process limit.
I am using vps now have 3000 users.

Lea Gail Parkhurst
Lea Gail Parkhurst Dec 15 '11
Hi..can you please be more specific on what vps is....guessing very personal server?...:::))) ....can you recommend this server so I can check it out??
I only have 5 members....sites been not working well and I have not been promoting it.  I am not using Host Gator but GVO and they are pretty good.Gail
Keelan Leader
Keelan Dec 16 '11
You are advised to use recommended hosts, or a VPS which you can config your self to work how you need it too. You should really be fairly confident with servers and development to do this.
Mark Jan 2 '12
VPS =  Virtual Private Server, i currently host with Servint,