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plugin rates is not doing anything | Forum

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tammy harris
tammy harris Nov 18 '14
plugin rates reviews just does not do anything 

as you can see by arons start page plugin 


all them 5 start rates check the users ip addy i bet every one of them are aron

as this plugin has huge issues and anyone that bought it would not even want to give it one star 

9 months now of trying to get him tp fix it and i just keep getting stupid answers 

ever time you clear the site cashe all images revert back to originals 

after 3 weeks captcha completely stops working 

upload  avatar stuffs up sometimes 

it completely stuffs the order of join questions 

code is like a 3 yr old wrote it 

so how in hell did it get so many 5 star ratings 

this and many other arons plugin should be removed from the store

The Forum post is edited by tammy harris Nov 18 '14
Pete Nov 18 '14
This is why I am naming and shaming people from now on tammy and warning people about these Scumbags ,This scumbag Aron wont be getting away with it far very much longer Tammy
tammy harris
tammy harris Nov 18 '14
oxwall is great i love it but dev like aron and youneet 

just turn the whole thing into a great big pile of crap
Pete Nov 18 '14
Its not fair Tammy on these toss bags trying to rip people off . 
tammy harris
tammy harris Nov 18 '14
hows this for an answer from younett on one there plugins that i bought 12 months ago and its has never worked right one day since i bought it 

every week i ask them have you fixed the plugin 

there last answer was 

sorry your support period is over we cant help you anymore