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3rd Party Plugin Compatability | Forum

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matt Nov 24 '14
As you may see from time to time - Many of us wish to utilise more than one plugin (shock!) from more than one developer (wow!)

I feel sure, like me, you might find that one plugin is not compatible with another. 

In many cases - plugin developers, and I will name check 'iDragon Solution Co., Ltd' - really help out their customers and get their plugins co-operating with our setups that include other 3rd party plugins.

In other cases - Like the example of 'Compose Message' and 'Extended Events Stand Alone' by Oxwall staff member Sergey Kambalin and third party dev Purusothaman Ramanujam respectively - we have 2 great plugins, from 2 great developers,  that add amazing features for users. 

But they do not work together. 

After a year or so of trying to get to the bottom of any issue - and with repeated forum posts and messages to both developers - we might have finally found a way forward - in Sergey developing a fork of his mcompose plugin to work with Extended Events Stand Alone.

see here


I don't think it should be this hard! It cannot be out of the Oxwall foundations sight that users and customers will want to get the richest feature set that suits their community. Its obvious that we customers are going to want plugins to work together. 

It seems to me (as I mentioned) that  Core Developers, Oxwall Foundation Members as well as third party developers should work on our behalf (your customers) to ensure that a platform standard is set in place so that third party developers can ensure that plugins will work together?

Any thoughts or comments from the team, devs, or other webmasters?

Kind regards,


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matt Nov 24 '14

This seems a sad situation for the community and the platform. Would the Oxwall Team do everything in their power to ensure that this sort of situation does not occur, if at all possible?

The platform/core should make every effort to ensure that plugins can work together if at all possible.

You will simply loose customers, otherwise. And that mean that those of us in the community, loose developers, webmasters, site owners and support and it all goes to poo.

Do try a bit harder Oxwall!

Kind regards,


The Forum post is edited by matt Nov 24 '14
Den Team
Den Dec 17 '14
Hello matt,

Thank you for bringing up this, again. 

I've already posted some thoughts according to the topic. And want say a little bit more.

First, matt, I guess you have a good experience with building an Oxwall based business solution. So, I would be thankful, if you provide me via PM with a more detailed feedback. What actually you wanted to build and exact problems you faced with. 

The situation, when each plugin compatible with any others looks like ideal for customers. Even it is impossible for 100%, but we should move into this direction to reduce the customers' dissatisfaction. 

Obviously, there are a lot of things still should be done for this: 

Developer's competition, Dev documentation, Store improvements, Plugin updates for review, Keeping Oxwall up to date with the new trends and features, etc. This is what we are thinking about constantly within the small team. And this is what we are doing, not so fast, as somebody would like. But we move forward and going improve each point in 2015. 

matt Dec 17 '14
Hi Den,

Thanks for you comments, they are much appreciated.

I set out some more of my thoughts on the thread you mention above. I will certainly send you a PM. Although as you might appreciate, the run up to the holidays is always a bit hectic. But I will endeavor to get some thoughts to you, as soon as I can.



Luis A C Silva
Luis A C Silva Feb 14 '15

My example set is compatibility plugin START PAGE PRO for ARON [ http://www.oxwall.org/store/item/601 ] with iMod Oxwall Mobile Application [http://www.oxwall.org/store/item/939]. I had informed ARON the IMOD not work with START PAGE PRO. Then the ARON worked on the subject and now the two plugins work together.

Luis Costa