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SQL Error after Oxwall Install | Forum

Robert Dec 13 '11
Here is the error message.  Any help would be great.

OW Debug - Exception Message: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'userId' in 'where clause' File: /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_core/database.php Line: 311 Trace: #0 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_core/database.php(311): PDOStatement->execute() #1 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_core/database.php(355): OW_Database->execute('SELECT * FROM o...', NULL) #2 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_core/base_dao.php(89): OW_Database->queryForObjectList('SELECT * FROM o...', 'STATUSUPDATE_BO...') #3 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_plugins/statusupdate/bol/action_dao.php(80): OW_BaseDao->findListByExample(Object(OW_Example)) #4 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_plugins/statusupdate/bol/service.php(69): STATUSUPDATE_BOL_ActionDao->findListByUserIdAndType('3', 0, 10, 'status') #5 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_plugins/statusupdate/components/user_widget.php(51): STATUSUPDATE_BOL_Service->findListByUserIdAndType('3', 0, 10, 'status') #6 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_system_plugins/base/components/drag_and_drop_item.php(211): STATUSUPDATE_CMP_UserWidget->__construct(Object(BASE_CLASS_WidgetParameter)) #7 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_system_plugins/base/components/drag_and_drop_entity_panel.php(206): BASE_CMP_DragAndDropItem->renderView() #8 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_smarty/template_c/%%59^596^59646202%%drag_and_drop_entity_panel.html.php(72): BASE_CMP_DragAndDropEntityPanel->tplComponent(Array, Object(OW_Smarty)) #9 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_libraries/smarty/Smarty.class.php(1262): include('/home/biogsu/pu...') #10 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_core/view_renderer.php(100): Smarty->fetch('/home/biogsu/pu...') #11 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_core/renderable.php(235): OW_ViewRenderer->renderTemplate('/home/biogsu/pu...') #12 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_system_plugins/base/controllers/component_panel.php(147): OW_Renderable->render() #13 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_system_plugins/base/controllers/component_panel.php(309): BASE_CTRL_ComponentPanel->action('profile', '3', false, Array, 'drag_and_drop_e...') #14 [internal function]: BASE_CTRL_ComponentPanel->profile(Array) #15 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_core/dispatcher.php(257): ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs(Object(BASE_CTRL_ComponentPanel), Array) #16 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/ow_core/application.php(293): OW_Dispatcher->dispatch() #17 /home/biogsu/public_html/oxwall/index.php(65): OW_Application->dispatch() #18 {main} Type: PDOException

The Forum post is edited by Robert Dec 14 '11
  Oxwall Error Image.png (66.43Kb)
Robert Dec 14 '11
Basically, the problem is that the profiles are not linking to the database.  When you go to any profile page, you get this message.
Den Team
Den Dec 28 '11
Hello Robert. 

Would you try to reinstall Oxwall?
Johnston Feb 5 '12
Hello all, I tried to install Oxwall but when I reached the end, instead of showing installation complete, it showed this error as well.

May I know how to correct this? I have uninstalled and tried to re install many times.

Thank you
Mark Feb 7 '12
can u still access admin area?

try deactivating the plugins one at a time, also try enabling dev mode to clear any cache that may be broken. 

from reading the error message above the problem appears to be with the status update plugin, try to deactivate that first.
Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 8 '12
What about server requirements, Johnston? Does your server meet them?
Johnston Feb 15 '12
hello again,

I just checked with my server over the past few days, (Things take a bit long to process in a big firm) and they informed me that my plan does not include features would otherwise meet the install requirements.

Thank you all for your help,
I am going to find a new plan or host now.
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