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Can't not Install ( Error 404 ) | Forum

Jain Dec 7 '14
Hi all,
Help me please. Just I have download Oxwall-1.7.2.zip, already unzip in my web folder wwwroot. Just I call www.mysite.com/install from browser, that is show error 404. I don't know what I need to do. My hosting provider is Arvixe. I using PersonalClass ASP hosting.

Thanks ..
bobbi Dec 7 '14
you should of used this option with arvixe, http://www.arvixe.com/oxwall_hosting
oxwall is pre installed and configured, no install headaches,
Jain Dec 7 '14
Ohh.. that's impossible buy hosting again. last time my hosting installed with other software. Just I have been removed. Now i want install oxwall software by manual Installation. Can I install that ?
bobbi Dec 7 '14
you could cancel your plan and start again arvixe support can confirm that

i know nothing about installing oxwall sorry this is why i used there pre configured and preinstalled option, buy the plan point the domain at arvixes servers, after propegation site is there even the cron is configured for you,

oxwall can be installed manually but i wouldnt know where to start really sorry

you can install using Softaculous you will see this on your server control panel

ross Team
ross Dec 7 '14
Jain, no need to get another hosting plan. 

Please provide a screenshot of the page www.yoursite.com/install. ;

Please make sure that the server meets all our requirements: http://www.oxwall.org/hosting

anran Feb 5 '15
me too!

Can't find any install script.

I put it on my virtual machine.  in my browse.

no any reponse.

Is it open source ??

ross Team
ross Feb 5 '15
it should be

yes, it is open source. 

anran Feb 5 '15

ross  , thanks for your reply.

Sorry, I am newbie.  in browser. then

404 Not Found


I can't find install.php or  install directory in root dir.

So Confusing

ross Team
ross Feb 5 '15
404 not found - the reason usually that the server does not meet the requirements. Do you have default htaccess file in the root of the software?

Make sure you have mod_rewrite enabled on your server. 

anran Feb 5 '15
thanks , ross

Maybe Nginx not support .htaccess.

I study convert it .:P

or  put it on hosting.

ross Team
ross Feb 5 '15
Ok, keep us updated. 
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