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Macabre - space between header and content | Forum

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Jozko Dec 23 '14
I would like to narrow the space between header and content.  see attachement.

Thx in advance

Kяuncн Leader
Kяuncн Dec 23 '14
It will only show this extra height to admins as it reserves room for the (Customize this Page), if you log out and view it as a Guest you will note the section shortens,...
Jozko Dec 24 '14

Thx for the answer Kяuncн. I know, it is reserved room for Customize this page, but there is an extra space between header and content.

In search of solution I changed the header hight In the Edit theme from 211 to 250 and the space disappears. Means the content not move up with header hight change. Any idea how to solve this bug?

Kяuncн Leader
Kяuncн Dec 24 '14
By default the header height is 164px I think, not sure 100%, would need to view your site and see what has been done to it.

Only thing I can think of at the moment would be is to take some top padding off of the page container, by default it's at padding-top: 30px, try changing to:

body.ow.base_index_page div.body_wrap div.ow_page_container div.ow_canvas div.ow_page.clearfix {
padding-top: 16px}

This particular code/Fix will take effect at just the index page...
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Jozko Dec 26 '14
Thx Kяuncн. I added the suggested line in to the Edit CSS field and fixed the header and looks OK. Now it bothers me the side bar, because is not connected to the header (between is space for Customize this Page). Can the "Customize this Page" be wide same as content area?

See attachements

  Brez naslova1.jpg (37Kb)
  Brez naslova2.jpg (32Kb)
  Brez naslova3.jpg (97Kb)
Kяuncн Leader
Kяuncн Dec 26 '14
.ow_dragndrop_panel {
width: 984px}
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Jozko Dec 26 '14
:-( hope it will be fixed with new verison