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Platform update error | Forum

Michael Leader
Michael Nov 7 '10
OK I have all my plugins updated with no problems (Thanks for the fix Oxwall)

Now my site is reporting that there is a platform update available.
When I click on it and go through the process for updating the platform, when it is all done... I get the same message... Platform update Available!!!

Are you sure you want to update soft from rc2 to {$newVersion}

I am assuming this is a little bug... Site functionality seems fine...

Ruai Nov 7 '10
why I don't see any update notification on my site admin's dashboard?

it said the latest version is 1.0b5 and not the 1.0rc2?
Ruai Nov 7 '10
Sorry, i didn't read oxwall's blog before posting my reply.

autoupdate only available on incoming monday. :)
Den Team
Den Nov 8 '10
You are right, this is a little bug. Will fix it shortly.
Ruai Nov 9 '10
Hi oxwall,

I have try the autoupdate but it seem didn't work.

1. user's name still didn't show the preferred name (real name).
2. "wall.fm" link is still there.
3. notification about platform update didn't go away after the update.

it seem the update was fail.
Ruai Nov 9 '10
Hi oxwall,
There is another bug (still buggy) is the "back" button on pages didn't work.
Den Team
Den Nov 10 '10

Quote from Ruai


1. user's name still didn't show the preferred name (real name).

2. "wall.fm" link is still there.

3. notification about platform update didn't go away after the update

1. If your users didn't fill in RealName field - it will not display. Check this.

2, 3 PM me your domain, FTP and admin details.

Quote from Ruai

There is another bug (still buggy) is the "back" button on pages didn't work.

More details please :)
Ruai Nov 10 '10
Hi addenster,

I have rollback my database to the previous version (1.0b5), because of some problem such as:

1. Parseerror warning in red when insert comment to user's wall, it did not happen on own profile.

2. Ajax error when try to delete comment on the main page wall.

When upgrading to 1.0rc2 "manually" because autoupdate was fail,
1. User's name does show the preference name.
2. Parseerror on user's wall when left comment.

It cause me to reinstall the site, because the previous version more stable than the latest one (for me without the parseerror), and thankfully because I manage to restore the database backup and save the site.
Ruai Nov 12 '10

I have manage to solved the problems and I hope it can help the others.

1. If your autoupdate was fail, just download the newest version of oxwall, NOT the update pack (additional download).

2. Make sure you have make a copy of your config.php file (ow_includes).

3. Upload the newest version to your root directory, and replace all the detail of database in the current config.php to the previous one (your's copy earlier).

4. Go to your admin panel, and update any necessary plugins.

That's it. Hope it usefull. Cheers.
The Forum post is edited by Ruai Nov 12 '10
Den Team
Den Nov 15 '10
Thanks for details Raul.
What error do you get when try to autoupdate platform from admin panel? It must work well. If it isn't we must find an issue.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams Jul 19 '22
if you want to update the soft from rc2 to {$newVersion} then you will surely encounter some minor errors during the update process, but that's okay, you can ignore it and continue with your installation. animedle
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