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how to switch domain?? | Forum

dhruv Jan 4 '12
actually, i have started my community with co.cc domain,
but now i have a .com domain.

so i want to switch to .com domain. so, pls tell me how i can  do it??

also , pls tell me how to shift my database to other domain in detail, coz this is first time i am messing up with some data sensitive DB.

Great_Day Jan 7 '12
Hi dhruv,

The most of all the data you have created and what people have created can be found in the Database. I don't know which software you have for the Database, but I assume you have PHPMyAdmin, which is used very much for databases. 

Before we start, I would suggest you to keep the site and back EVERYTHING up, till everything is working and done!
We need to export the Database from your old website and than import the new one in your new site. There are a lot of tutorials for that, just google. It won't be usefull to rename every stap you have to take...

You will also need to copy ALL the files on your server and move them to the new one. The installation will start when you launch your new site. You will have to enter the Database in it, use the username and password of the "user of the database" with all permissions. ( I hope you get what I mean). NOTE: The database has to be already imported in the new site (PHPMyAdmin or similars). Otherwise it won't work!

Your site should be back to normal on your new site. I have got one more tip for you: Keep the co.cc site and let it forward it automaticly to the .com domain. (so it won't confuse your users.)

DISCLAMER: I am not responsible for anything that might go wrong!

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dhruv Jan 23 '12
i have done this easily,
but now i have changed  my hosting ,

but now it gives this sql error, i have done everything fine.
but dont know why its coming :(
SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'oxwall.ow_base_themeObject' doesn't exist "
Michael I.
Michael I. Jan 31 '12
There is no 'oxwall.ow_base_themeObject' table in the database but script is trying to receive information from it. Did you perform any code modifications recently?
dhruv Feb 1 '12

Quote from aka_le_Mulder There is no 'oxwall.ow_base_themeObject' table in the database but script is trying to receive information from it. Did you perform any code modifications recently?

no, i just backup ed my old site with database, and uploaded to new server , but on new server, its not working.
Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 6 '12
This is definitely a code issue as it looks like script is trying to reach a database table which is unreachable. Obviously, it should connect to the ow_base_theme table but somewhere in your code the table title is modified and it causes the issue. Check into your coding, maybe latest modified files will help you identifying the issue.