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Joan P
Joan P Jan 20 '15
I would need move some widgets from user profile page to index page. I would like set a unique index page combining widgets from user profile and other thant index page already contain.

Thanks in advance

ross Team
ross Jan 20 '15
Topic was moved from General Questions.
D Colton
D Colton Jan 20 '15
The only response to questions...moved to pay someone to solve your problem because no one is gonna answer a question due to the fact that you have to be an Oxwall expert just to understand anything. 

Quit acting like this is free and open source...seems to me as if it is a scam just to get people to commit to Oxwall so someone can leech $$$$$

Joan P
Joan P Jan 21 '15

I do not understand your answer very well. It is assumed that the forums are for the community to help with questions and answers, and do not know what is wrong with asking a question if anyone knows answer. Short time ago I've known this platform and am trying to learn the customization options have, what's wrong with that?
Moreover, for other modifications and plugins customizations I have already posted on oDesk to hire a freelancer to help me. That's a wrong way to act? If I have done wrong please correct me
My post work here 

Job post

Daisy Team
Daisy Jan 22 '15
Guys, this topic has nothing to do with the general questions, that's why Ross moved this topic to the Custom Code Modifications forum.

As for the Joan's question - it's possible to move the widget from Profile to the Index page, but as the custom core modification only. There are a lot of solutions described in this forum on how to move/add this or that widget: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/117/search?&q=widget
But the main catch is that all widgets on the Profile View page depend on the ID of user you are browsing, so to move the Profile widget to the Index page requires developing of additional methods for the Index page, which will check the User ID (regardless of what you want to show: the content of a user who browses the page or specific site user).

Unfortunately we can't provide step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the required technical effect. But we can answer any questions related to your modification if something goes wrong or you have difficulties with a specific file or code.

So, Joan, if you have knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS and programming skills - you can do that by yourself. Otherwise, you will need to apply to a developer who can assist you with this task.
Joan P
Joan P Jan 22 '15
Thanks a lot Daisy for your explanation.

Yes, I just contact some freelancer for this job.