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Different users pages | Forum

Luke Jan 23 '15
Hello. I need to create two different users pages. So, I have two different types of profile: business and production. I want to create a page for the profiles business and another for the production profiles. how can I do?

Thanks guys!!!

ps: sorry for my english..... :)

Guna Jan 27 '15
You have 2 types of users. and you want to list them in 2 different pages(1 type of user in one page and another type of user in another page). Am I right? 
Luke Jan 27 '15
Yes Guna, exact.
Guna Jan 27 '15
Go to your sitename/admin/users/roles page where the list of user roles are displaying. Click on a particular user role count will redirect to a specific user role's list.

If you wanna code it in frontend, ping me

Luke Jan 28 '15
Ok, i followed your instruction, but in that page i see the list of users with that profile. Now i wanna code it in frontend, like members page but only with users of a specific role.

can you help me?


Guna Jan 28 '15
Go to 'function "role"' in ow_system_plugins/admin/controllers/users.php.

This is the method that you want. Customize this method in the frontend.

Luke Jan 30 '15
ok. i don't have the abilities to do that.

i need in the main menu 3 items: members, business and production. So, in members page i can see all the users, in the business page i wanna see just the business users and the production page i wanna see just the production users.

I understand that I can change the file, but don't have the capacity to do that.

can you send me a private message accompanied by a guide on how to do?

In my DB the business is in:

ow_base_authorization_role   --->   id=15

I really can't do that alone

Thank You!!!!

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