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Config file generation problem | Forum

Saeed Jan 29 '12

I'm trying to install oxwall 1.2.6 on a cpanel host, after I enter correct database information and click on install , the generated config file look likes below which seems to be wrong :


define('OW_URL_HOME', '{$site_url}');

define('OW_DB_HOST', '');
define('OW_DB_PORT', null);
define('OW_DB_USER', '{$db_user}');
define('OW_DB_PASSWORD', '{$db_password}');
define('OW_DB_NAME', '{$db_name}');

define('OW_DB_PREFIX', '{$db_prefix}');


I don't know why the variables are not replaced with correct parameters.

Any help would be appreciated !

Michael I.
Michael I. Jan 31 '12
Most probably the session expired for some reason. Try running installation one more time and see if the problem persists. Most probably you left your browser inactive for some time or session lifetime is too low on your server.
Saeed Feb 6 '12
This has been caused by the user removing the folder .cagefs-tmp folder in cpanel.( tmp folder )
I've recreated the folder and it has now been fixed !