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[Profile Question] Text field to require specific text | Forum

Kevin Dommer
Kevin Dommer Feb 9 '15
In an effort to reduce spam, I would like to check the contents of the user's answer to one of the profile questions.  Here is my situation:

One profile questions asks the user what street they live on.  My website is for a Homeowner's Association and I added this so I can quickly determine if a new member might be a spammer.  I would like to take this further and have the software automatically examine this field and if it doesn't contain one of 3 different possible street names, prompt the user to check the street name and try again.

It shouldn't look for an exact match because they may enter a house number as well.  For example:

User entered:   123 Main St

If the user's answer in lower case contains "main" or "river" or "bluebird" then allow the profile to be created.  If it does not contain one of those words, refuse the sign-up.

I know this is likely not possible directly, but if someone could point me in the direction of how I could achieve this I'd appreciate it.  I could probably muddle through the code if I knew where to begin.

My website only has 22 members and will never have much more.  It is not used often due to its nature.  I signed in today after having been away for a couple months and I had about 15 spammer accounts and forum posts.  If I could block them at the sign-up that would be great.

ross Team
ross Feb 9 '15
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