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Where is the OxWall Accessories Dev? | Forum

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Aleksiel Mar 1 '15
I've been trying to get an update on Newsfeed Twitter Style plugin and the Autocomplete that goes with it for about 2 months. I've commented in the plugin store and I've left message via PM. As expensive as the plugins are compared to the rest of the store I would expect these guys to be top notch in customer service as well. Anyone heard from these guys lately? I need these plugins to be fixed lol. That being said if anyone can fix them, let me know and I we can talk about payment for your services.
Sandy Hill
Sandy Hill Apr 1 '15
I wish you luck.  I purchased the Instant chat with video support from Oxwall Accessories on June 8, 2014 on had issues installing the plug in.  After several rude PM messages from them I was told they would help me via Skype.  I let them know my work schedule and availability and asked them to let me know theirs so that I could adjust mine if needed and I never heard back from them.  To this day I still do not have this plug in working and am out $60.  I would use caution in dealing with Oxwall Accessories.  And honestly since it has been two months for you.  I would suggest you try another solution or plugin.
Kelvin Apr 1 '15
Oxwall Accessories is a scam developer !! just need someone delete his account.
Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Apr 1 '15
you guys are rough. We are here and helping people daily. The issue is a lot of the times you guys don't like the response you are given. We do provide topnotch customer service and many customers can tell you how we have gone above and beyond for them. 
Aleksiel Apr 2 '15
I have no doubt about how awesome you guys are. Especially Tattooboy. I just can't seem to get a reply in a timely fashion, and for the site I have set up, I need things fixed quickly. The autocomplete not working with first and last names is killing me, also now the instant chat with video support is not working as well. Can you please look into these?
Leo Siljebol
Leo Siljebol Apr 9 '15
Kelvin you are 100% RIGHT Oxwall Accessories is a scam developer !! just need someone delete his account.
tammy harris
tammy harris Apr 9 '15
they had time to come on here few weeks ago and post on scaffer doing wrong by there plugins but could not answer and problems on there plugins

they ranted and carried on on other dev plugings saying dont buy it they wont offer the support that we do buy our plugins we will look after you hahahahahaha
Fiona Teasdale
Fiona Teasdale Nov 6 '15
I've just been refused a refund by Oxwall Accessories on a plugin that despite being installed and activated correctly does NOT work! Have started a dispute on PayPal but the developers are refusing to give me a refund. Disgusting customer services and way to operate...I nearly said a "business" but really what they're running is a scam! Dodgy plugins that don't work....they must be making a killing at the expense of unknowing customers!! 

Warnings about these shonky developers should be in place and prominent! Dodgy developers should be named and shamed...so says a Solicitor friend of mine as well as a Consumer Rights expert I know! ;) Ha, maybe they're onto something! 

Have to say, wish I'd never bought their plugin...had I seen these posts before I did, I'd have avoided buying it. Guess only thing we can do is ensure other people don't get ripped off too!

At least highwaymen had the decency to wear masks before robbing people! Tho Oxwall Accessories are pretty shifty too...no contact details for them anywhere....they just wait around for innocent customers to hand them their money over and sell them some snake oil. 

tammy harris
tammy harris Nov 6 '15
the sad thing is oxwall will do nothing and keep letting the scam ppl
look at younett they been allowed to run there scam for 3 years now 
how many have they ripped off
even i post forums on the plugins warn not to buy them ppl still do 
and still get scammed 
tammy harris
tammy harris Nov 6 '15
and if they refuse refund they have broke oxwall terms so they should be removed for oxwall

but oxwall will do nothing 
you can send as many mails to oxwall moderators and they do nothing 

all you can do is post a forum on there plugins warning ppl of how they have treated you 
The Forum post is edited by tammy harris Nov 6 '15