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Christina Mar 3 '15

I need to change the current blog display under the "LATEST" tab.  This blog summary should display the image (and a small section of the blog), not the entire blog itself. The current display makes the page very long once there are a few blogs created.  

Look at these blog pages on the internet: 



How do I go about modifying the display?  



Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Mar 10 '15
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Ron Scott
Ron Scott Apr 18 '15
This is what I'm using, not sure how to insert an image there though.
see the attached pic.

In /ow_plugins/blogs/controllers/blog.php look for this code, line 135 in my file.

$text = explode("<!--more-->", $dto->getPost());

Change it to:
$text = explode("<!--more-->", UTIL_String::truncate( strip_tags($dto->getpost()), 200, "<!--more-->" )  );

Change the 200 to however long or short you want the description.
  2348-User blogs.png (244Kb)
matt Apr 19 '15
Very useful! Thanks.

Getting the images to show too, would be awesome. Anyone got any ideas.

Thanks again,