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Pop up error in 1.3 | Forum

Mark Feb 10 '12
After the initial errors with 1.3 all now seems to be working however whenever you click on anything that requires a pop-up such as the change user roles button, block button or customise page config buttons nothing pops up, it acts like its about to but just displays a a darken page.

any suggestions?

php info > 
mysql > 5.1
php > 5.3.10

ive tried disabling all plugins so that does not seem to be the issue, ive also done manual and the auto update on both core and plugins with no luck
Mark Feb 11 '12
Mark Feb 11 '12
after debugging this for 2 days the error is within this file


if i upload the version of the file from 1.2.6 the popups work.
Michael Leader
Michael Feb 11 '12
I remember there was a similar problem a while back and there was a hack fix until the next update.  I think it was related to java back then.  You may have found a similar one.  Good you got it working.  Try downloading oxwall and extract file from the download and replace it in your site in case it was a corrupt file.

Mark Feb 11 '12
When I have a bit more time I will run the files side by side and check for code differences and try what bit of code is the problem
Mark Feb 12 '12
its from this part onwards that changes

1.2.6 version
this.ajaxFloatBox = function(cmpClass, params, options)    {    params = params || [];
    options = options || {};    options = $.extend({}, {    title: '',    width: false,    height: false,    iconClass: false    }, options);
    var preparePosition = function(box) {
    var position = {    top:(($(window).height()/2) - (box.$container.height()/2)),    left:(($(window).width()/2) - (box.$container.width()/2))    };    box.$container.css(position);    };

1.3 version
this.ajaxFloatBox = function(cmpClass, params, options)    {    params = params || [];
    options = options || {};    options = $.extend({}, {    title: '',    width: false,    height: false,    iconClass: false    }, options);
    var self = this,            rsp = this.ajaxFloatboxRsp,            jsonParams = JSON.stringify(params),            $preloader = $('<div class="ow_ajax_floatbox_preloader ow_preloader_content"></div>');
    var floatBox = new OW_FloatBox({            $title: options.title,            $contents: $preloader,            width: options.width,            height: options.height,            icon_class: options.iconClass        });
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Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 12 '12
Mark, as I can see you are using a custom theme. So consider about comparing the Graphite theme from 1.3 with your theme using any merging tool and check into changes and updates that were made in 1.3 build. I believe that should help.
Mark Feb 12 '12
it does the same thing in the graphite, club and basic theme. the theme files i use are a copy of graphite just with some added code such as ads.

the error goes away when i use the ow.js file from 1.2.6
Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 19 '12
So it is more issue with the custom JS than with the new build. Did you manage to solve the issue? And does your website works fine using JS from the 1.2.6 build?
Mark Feb 20 '12
had no js errors with 1.2.6 (that i am aware of) except from owrate not working on things such as photos but is fixed by adding the owrate code from the bottom of the 1.3 ow.js file

here is a comparison file


The Forum post is edited by Mark Feb 20 '12
Mark Apr 3 '12
after further debugging using the working 1.2.6 file and the newest 1.3.2 file using araxis merge i went through each change line by line and all works well until this edit of code

from (line 766)

this.$container = jQuery('.floatbox_container', '#floatbox_prototype').clone().hide().appendTo('body');


 var activeCanvas = jQuery('.floatbox_canvas_active');
    this.$canvas = jQuery('.floatbox_canvas', '#floatbox_prototype').clone().appendTo(document.body);    activeCanvas.removeClass('floatbox_canvas_active');    this.$canvas.addClass('floatbox_canvas_active');
    if (this.parentBox)    {        this.$canvas.addClass('floatbox_canvas_sub');        this.parentBox.bind('close', function()        {            fl_box.close();        });    }
    this.$canvas.click(function(e){        if ( $(e.target).is(this) )        {            fl_box.close();        }    });
    this.$container = jQuery('.floatbox_container', this.$canvas).hide();

Mark Apr 3 '12
so after another 2 1/2 hours of sifting through code it seems that anything that refers to the following


causes the page pop-up/floatbox to not display