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Blank Screen After Entering Database info | Forum

Bowlo Feb 13 '12
I have been trying for four days now to get this installation to work each time i put my database info in and press enter i get a blank screen please help frustrated.
mimi Feb 14 '12
yeah, for me too the same, last version of oxwall

apache, php, sql is ok

The Forum post is edited by mimi Feb 14 '12
mimi Feb 14 '12
Nobody ?

Is it that simple ? I must have forgotten something...

Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 15 '12
First of all I would check if your server meets our requirements. Twice. Then I would contact my hosting company and asked them to enable error reporting on my server because white screen usually means there are errors on the page but they're not displayed.
Bowlo Feb 17 '12
I figured out what was going on my hosting server does not support Oxwall, and the reason for the blank screen was that error reporting was not enabled on the server i got tired of doing so much trouble shooting so i transferred my domain to another host that supports Oxwall.
Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 19 '12
It is pretty weird that your hosting didn't support Oxwall. Did they tell you what is the exact reason why they don't support Oxwall?
sezar Jul 3 '12
i have the same problem, did you guys find the solution?
Michael I.
Michael I. Jul 4 '12
Does your server meet our server requirements? The problem of OP was that their server did not support Oxwall.
sezar Jul 4 '12
i think it does meet the server requirements because you can install it automatically from cpanel i mean they already support it
sezar Jul 4 '12
i fixed it i put this code in php.ini file and it worked


Michael I.
Michael I. Jul 6 '12
So it displayed an error, right? What was the error?
sezar Jul 15 '12
it didn't displayed error after i put the code it is just worked, i read above that error reporting should be enabled so i looked for way to enable it and i found the code i wrote
Colin Nov 27 '12
I'm getting this problem too.  I enter the database details and then nothing.  My web hosts, Hostgator, obviously supports Oxwall as it offers auto install using Quick Install - but that doesn't work either!  All/any help gratefully received.
Alia Team
Alia Nov 27 '12
Colin, did you try sezar's solution?
Clement Peronneaud
Clement Peronneaud Apr 1 '14
I know this message is quite old but this problem just happened to me and the problem actually came from my PHP version.

For explanation, it is quite simple. PHP 5.3.0 which I used has a bug with the

variable. This variable which is used in Oxwall to connect PDO is not set in PHP 5.3.0.

So there are 2 solutions for this :
- either update the oxwall file where this variable is used by replacing it by the intended value : 1002 (check file ow_core/database.php
- or simply update your PHP version to 5.3.1 or higher.

Hope that'll help other people because the blank page is really not helpful at all... I don't get why the error is not displayed...