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Load users/online content in a custom text/html box on the dashboard with jQuery load() | Forum

Marina Bircher
Marina Bircher Apr 2 '15

I wanted to get the Online User (mysite.com/users/online) to the user Dashboard - I know you have to develope a Widget (Or is there any available widgets for that already?) - but I tried to get the Content of the div with classname "ow_content" from the /users/online page in a "Custom text/HTML" Box! 

This is the Content of my custom html box:

<div id="myDiv">




function check() {

 $("#myDiv").load("http://mySite.com .ow_content");


$(document).ready(function() {

 check(); // call the function



This should work, why doesnt it?

thx for your support!


... the loading works - because after loading the page, the content of myDiv is getting replaced, but by empty " "

I have done this very often on my other webpages, I'm sure it must work, but not sure why it doesnt. 


The Forum post is edited by Marina Bircher Apr 2 '15
Marina Bircher
Marina Bircher Apr 7 '15
No one? any ideas why this doesnt work?  

( yeah I should develope a widget/plugin..but I want to know why this doesnt work, normally it should!)