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It's not a cron problem | Forum

Dominic Walters
Dominic Walters Feb 20 '12
I have some users showing online permanently but not all

i have been in contact with my hosts and cron.php is running correctly at a 5 minute interval

so why do certain random people remain online permanently?

this is really bugging me now, someone must know :-/

thanks for reading

FaceTester Leader
FaceTester Feb 20 '12
do you mean this user info ?

On my oxwall-testing side is this information on "Latest" as standard.
in this case the userlist staying all time, after i click the "Online" bottom
then i receive the actual list of users.

in the section of "Members" there is the same Listing with standard at "Latest", have you there all members with the green sign "Online now" ? 

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Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 22 '12
The _only_ reason why members are always shown as online is cron issues. I don't know any other reasons.
Mark Feb 23 '12
or they are leaving their browser window open
Dominic Walters
Dominic Walters Feb 23 '12
some are permanently online and some are not

the cron is running perfectly according to my host and cron jobs are supported by my host

they say it's not a cron issue, also ,I know my cronjob is working as i didn't have this problem before updating to 1.3.1

is my site corrupted?
Michael Leader
Michael Feb 23 '12
the ones not online may sign out before leaving.  that would show the symptoms you describe.

Check cron.  It is the most obvious answer.  Hosts can be wrong.
Dominic Walters
Dominic Walters Feb 23 '12
my cron is

/usr/local/bin/php -q /home/*******/public_html/fishface/ow_core/cron.php
Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 29 '12
Do you have access to your server via SSH? Try running your cron command there - if it runs w/o errors, it works fine. If it displays errors when runs, the answer is obvious.