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skeleton plugin improvment - Plugin Skeleton | Forum

dave Leader
dave Apr 7 '15
I was curious why there was not an example of an ajax listener as part of the Oxwall Development skeleton plugin.  From what i can gather almost every plugin either uses one exclusively or connects to one somehow in their process.   So why have show a simple example of how to capture an event instance. 

For example how about showing how a plugin would capture if someone (mod or admin) adds a picture to featured.  So this would show how to capture a remote instance from a core system class.

and for a basic user show how a plugin would capture if someone adds me (admin) as a friend.

There really needs to be a clear cut and simple example of how to capture instances of an event and how to pull the data once you have the post captured via ajax.   And how to test if your ajax is working or not.

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dave Leader
dave Apr 9 '15

it would also be nice to have a link to this page on the crash course oxwall page and as part of the skeleton.


I was getting frustrated by how to do a lang pack and i just happen to run across this in my search.   But it cost me about 4 hours time working to try to get the pack to work and to finally find this and then it was easy.

What i was doing wrong is that i took a lang pack apart and put my info in there and then tried to get the system to upload it and it would not.  What you have to do is create your langauge in the dev-tools like the crash course says and then export the lang zip file and rename it, then put the command in your install file and it will work.   If i had not found that lang pack page i would still be sitting here trying to figure it out lol..

Thanks  :)   

Den Team
Den Apr 13 '15
Hello dave,

I've moved the topic to plugin's forum. Please, submit your suggestion about how we could improve the plugin here.

Den Team
Den Apr 13 '15
Topic was moved from Oxwall Store.
dave Leader
dave Apr 13 '15
Thanks den i didnt think of doing that lol.. :)
Kameron Oct 30 '15
is it hard to make a plugin, how long does it usually take for a newbie
dave Leader
dave Jan 1 '16
Its actually quite easy if you have some basic coding skills and logic understanding.  First time took me about 5 days (large plugin)  then after that i did two in one day (small plugins).   Its really repetitive  once you get going but there are a few challenges along the way so some may be easy, some are really hard to tap into what Oxwall has.   Give it a try, if you do one you can enjoy your success.   
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