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empty language values | Forum

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dave Leader
dave Apr 10 '15
I looked at my language values and there are 113 missing values.  I understand that some of them possibly come from old plugins or updated lang packs for the plugins. 

But my question has to do with the missing base values.  There are tons of missing base values as well.  See image attached.   Why so many missing base values ?  (future development?)

and thats just one page.   can i delete all the empty lang items (113)


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Taissa Team
Taissa Apr 15 '15
dave, as a matter of fact the system does not remove and does not rewrite the key values during the update process. Because otherwise it will create confusion for existing sites as it may overwrite the changes have made by the administrator before.
Sometimes there may be some cases when the development team need to completely change the existing values for all already created sites and for the future installed sites. So in this case  they will  add a new language key and its value and the new key will be defined in the code instead the old one. In that way the old keys becomes a junk keys. Over time there could be accumulated a lot of such keys.  Once in a while, we do sweep the database but this is a resource intensive process because it does not automated and done rarely.

So the possible solution is to delete the missing keys manually. If you use only the English language pack and do not use any other,  then most likely the all missing keys you have are dead, and you can delete them. The only thing, that you have to remove them manually one by one. You can do it via dev-tools: domain.com/admin/dev-tools/languages .

dave Leader
dave Apr 15 '15
Thanks so much Taissa :)  

Actually what i could do is just do a query and delete any lang key via phpMyadmin that is null and has no value, i really dont want to have to do 113 time button pushing lol... 

of course ill back it up first..   

Just curious how do you pronounce your name, is it  Ty eee sa, or Tessa

Taissa Team
Taissa Apr 15 '15
dave, I can not suggest forum users deleting empty values via database because it may break the software if you don't have sufficient knowledges and programming skills.
You will need to write a script to connect prefix, key and value tables and it's records in order to do that properly.

Concerning the name :) It pronounced as [təˈiːsə] .
dave Leader
dave Apr 16 '15
well i have been a php programmer for 10 years and also know cobol, fortran, assembly from the old days as well as JCL from the IBM mainframe days.  And have been working with phpMyAdmin for 6 years now.   I have my own software developed as well as other projects so i think i might be qualified lol hee hee .... just being funny :) 

I did do a query and it found nothing so either my query is not picking up the null values or im not searching for the right data or the languages mod is wrong.   So ill have to look in files at the PDO i guess and see what it looks for.   

Do you happen to know where that is? what file? 

I am planning for my next project a language cleaner utility, which is one reason i ask i want to be sure i do it right. 

I know there are three tables   keys, value, prefix, language  


ps i did find the rows in the db, i had to do a query as search would not find them. 

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dave Leader
dave Apr 17 '15
But before i dive into a project here, i need to know the Oxwall's position on the empty values.  Does Oxwall recommend keeping the lang tables clean or does Oxwall want users to just leave them alone and wait for Oxwall to provide a solution one day.  

I dont want to complete a utility project only to find out that Oxwall's position is to leave them alone, that would be a disaster lol. 

Thanks please advise

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dave Leader
dave Apr 19 '15
well its done, the project  Language Cleaner is in for moderation and its free folks... enjoy 
tammy harris
tammy harris Apr 19 '15
Taissa Team
Taissa Apr 20 '15
dave, as far as I know we do have plans to clean the language key table, but it won't happen soon, as you know Oxwall is a small team and we have more important cases to fix and develop.
And if you have developed the Language Cleaner plugin, then this is required functionality indeed.
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dave Leader
dave Apr 20 '15
Yes mam Taissa i agree...  but why wait, lets be proactive rather than reactive. :)   Thats why i did it for free. 

 Yes i have a Language Cleaner plugin in the store under moderation now. Take a peek and see what you think.  I think it works well and can be improved over time to meet the needs of everyone. 

Hope this helps... :)  I know your about out of there for the evening Taissa so have a great evening.