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Putting slideshow on every page? | Forum

Stan Apr 12 '15

I have been trying to get the slideshow not only on the index page, but also on the other pages, though it looks like that I am doing something wrong. I thought that if I place the widget on the other pages it would be good, but turns out to be the other way.

I have tried to add this:
BOL_ComponentAdminService::getInstance()->addWidgetToPlace(BOL_ComponentAdminService::getInstance()->addWidget('SLIDESHOW_CMP_SlideshowWidget', true),BOL_ComponentAdminService::PLACE_GROUPS);

With which I thought it would turn up on the Groups page. Well.. nope. Website goes blanc. No further errors to be seen (yes, I set debug and developer mode to true).

Does anyone know a better way to do this? Thank you in advance.

Unus Mar 22 '16
hi Stan, did you managed to fix this? can you share your found solution?

thank you

Stan Mar 24 '16
Hi Unus, It has been a while since I have been working with Oxwall. I am currently not working with Oxwall anymore. Back in the day, I hired a developer to take a look at this. He fixed it by changing the slideshow plugin. I have attached the modified plugin. Please note that it was meant for a different version of Oxwall and it might break your site.
Hope this helps.
  slideshow-final.zip (52Kb)
Unus Mar 29 '16
thank you Stan :)

much appreciated