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Photo don't display and cron make me crazy | Forum

Antonin Feb 23 '12
Hello, i need some help before to be crazy.
I have try every things for display photo, after upload photo on my website.
I change chmod of:
-ow_userfiles: folder, subfolders and files also
-ow_pluginfiles: folder, subfolders and files also
-ow_static: folder, subfolders and files also
To:777 chmod permission

I have check allow photo upload to my admin panel (user setting).

I installed with nothing problem my website! No error signaled!
But change avatar, upload photo work but it did'nt display photo, change logo of my website don't work also.

My cron doesnt work also

I receive error: cannot open ?php:such file or directory    with


I receive error: not found    with:

I have changed chmod of run.php to 755
My root directory folder (path-website-folder)must be public_html ?

I try, try, try to understand since 1 month but nothing change.
thanks everybody want to help me

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Yohan Feb 24 '12
Regarding the Cron, this is what I did and it worked fine:

php /home/your-cpanel-username/public_html/ow_cron/run.php

IF your Oxwall install is in a subdomain:

php /home/your-cpanel-username/public_html/subdomain/ow_cron/run.php

Antonin Apr 18 '12
Since 3 month i try to understand what i've or do wrong?!

I installed well and configured well but the picture don't wont to display...
I've reinstall 5 times all core and reinstall photo plugin so many times.
Argh... please somebody can help me?
I will stay with this script...

PS: thanks Yohan for you help!
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  displaynot.png (84.37Kb)
Antonin Apr 19 '12
Maybe htacces?
any ideas?
Michael Leader
Michael Apr 19 '12
check the picture size and dimensions.  Also check with another browser to see if you see an error where the picture should be.  I had issues where firefox wasn't showing me the pic but no error.  On another browser it showed me what it was expecting.
Also check ow_userfiles to see if the picture actually uploaded.

regarding the pic size, start small, a simple 300x300px image should suffice
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