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Larger suggestions - Groups | Forum

Jean Mar 6 '12
As other topic seemed mostly about smaller suggestions i decided to make a new one.

As photo's, videos, forums etc exist already i'm surprised this wasn't integrated into groups. As in private.

Private photo album in groups

Private video album in groups

Private Events in groups

Ability to add/remove members in a group, i didn't find this function yet incase it does exist.

SO have 3 settings of group type. Public is that anyone can join.

Invite means one needs a invite before they can join by either mail adress or username. Or by moderator wich means one can apply but will not be a member untill moderator approves of the group or admin.

These are rather default features of the more popular systems and definitly one of the things holding oxwall back in gaining popularity. There's alot to learn from other systems oxwall altought they lack the lush interface and look of Oxwall.

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Den Team
Den Mar 7 '12
Photos and videos are both required features for groups. And will be added first. 

Regarding private option, groups already have it. You can set private group and decide who can invite others to it. (group's member or creator). Implementing private photos into private groups seems to be too excess. 

shaj Jun 21 '13
i need a author section in my site forum plug in suitable the purpose  can i edit user plug in folder name? i need another group plug in  same name not accept uploading aria . i need some editing group plug in description i meen multi input eg name address age contri etc......posting watching all same group plug in please help me   
Lech Sakhar
Lech Sakhar Jul 14 '13
SUGGESTION : multisite in one site no need to have subdomains

to make separation between groups.

EXAMPLE : 1) when a new user register (form) he can choose in wich group he wishes to register (multiple choices i.e one or many) and wait for approval by admin/moderator 

if not he is in the global area (no groups)

a user of a group can accept to appear on main page

2) main page may include all the groups and user choose a group where to register - it is offered after registration (form) to add a new registration in other groups -

advantages : create global websites like portals and separate communities that otherwise will not "live" together

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Alia Team
Alia Jul 19 '13
Would be great if you post your suggest at http://oxwall.uservoice.com/forums/13756-ideas-for-oxwall . That is where we pick up ideas for new features/improvements.
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