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Suggestions - Dublin | Forum

ross Team
ross May 26 '15
I will be glad to hear you out. 
Michele May 28 '15
Thinking about buying... haha.  Great work! All I ever wanted was something like a clean version of Origin (but without all the orange) to be responsive haha.

2 Things I'm wanting/ suggesting :)

1) Can Phones / and Tablets keep a banner of ours on the top too?

Like this theme allows for the keeping of a banner on phones? http://www.oxwall.org/store/item/299  ; I bought the 2017 Multi Device theme, because I need that banner feature on all devices (to help distinguish my site), but so much is not working on it, with things being jumbled and users not able to write messages

2) Is there anyway to see a screenshot of what the users profiles look like on Desktop?

I'm afraid without a background of some sort (I love our default in Origin/ and here at oxwall) , all the white will make it look a bit on the boring side

Hope to see the demo soon :) I have to launch within a month and feel I need to pick the theme so I can get a designer working asap :)

ross Team
ross May 28 '15
The advertisement on mobile/tablets will look like this: 

the profile on desktop looks like this: 

as to the background, you will need to change on your own, of course I can give you guidance, but it may harm the look of other element (widgets)

Michele May 28 '15
Ahh I see so my websites header design could just go in the advertisement banner. 

Hmm Yea I definitely wish to keep the look of my profiles the way they are now on desktop and tablet. . .with the basic info, long answers, and their custom boxes at the main section right. . and the things like their picture, video and group, previews all on the left. I feel I'll miss all the icons (like the blog pencil, video clipboard, etc )  too . . .I just wasn't really diggin that everything was in orange with no way to change easily.
And I'll miss the background too.  lol

I do ADORE your eye for design and how first rate your work is, Ross!! is there any way I could pay (some, I don't have a lot of $) you to make a new theme. . .like a hybrid of this and origin?
ross Team
ross May 28 '15
You can place the widgets the way you want it, I just find this placement more appealing:) as it is better looking on mobile and tablets when widgets are placed this way. 

Unfortunately, I don't do individual projects, as they are very specific, idea wise, and not profitable (as I won't be able to sell it to somebody else). 

Anyway, appreciate your interest in the theme:)

Michele May 28 '15
Ah I see, yes I agree with ya, for a lot of sites depending on their main focuses, you're placement of them rocks

I hear ya, that you do want to bring in the profits. ;)  Do ya think a little cleaner basic (popular color for icons, and maybe the modern profile pics in circles on the user search) 100% Responsive Orgin wouldn't turn profit. . (with maybe the icons in a more neutral color like blue or grey). .n wouldn't be a hit?

I feel like that's a lot of what I see on the forums. . . they like & love basically what they've been given. . they just wish it were responsive, and with better icon colors.

I think it could be a Success, but just my humble opinion. haha :P 

I was in the talks with someone to create Responsive Clean Origin for a hundred. . I just don't have the money saved haha

Regardless I know your Dublin theme will certainly get Tons of love! My hats off to you in creating this!
jose Aug 22 '20

Payments cannot be made with paypal.

How to pay and download the theme?

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