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tammy harris
tammy harris Jun 15 '15
i can see by your screen shots theres so much stuff not wrapped in a box is if use your desigen plugin then the pages will suff up and not be viewable 
like memphotos

by the way has been half a year and still memephotos does not work 
JoshWho Jun 15 '15
memephotos works for me.  check it out Buddylist Memes
tammy harris
tammy harris Jun 15 '15
it only half works
and same ur site
i have spent lots time try clean it up

but theres so many issues
try use chat on ur main meme photos page

try share ur meme to facebook

try put a full sentence on a meme 

i put a list of over 20 huge problems on meme photos on there plugin forum 
tammy harris
tammy harris Jun 15 '15
try go your meme photo page with put background image with there design settings plugin n look the mess

i have only just turned my memephotos on as its take me months sort out enough problems to be able to use it
The Forum post is edited by tammy harris Jun 15 '15
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
Hello, Please move on to meme plugin for discussion as this plugin is article.
Thank you for your understanding.
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