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help !! oh my god! help!please! | Forum

jet xu
jet xu Mar 22 '12

help !!!oh my god! i found ox just... i stall oxwall successful but i found my site registrant cannot receive confirm emails.  my stmp test connect successful . in our Country i cannot use Cpanel! how can i fix it? any help is appreciated!

MarkieMark67 Mar 22 '12
Did u setup cron?
jet xu
jet xu Mar 22 '12

i have not Ccpanel ,so it seems to not setup cron.but i have the "/htdocs/ox_cron/run.php" files .i mean i want to find a way to setup cronjob without Cpanel by edit the relevant files.

  myrunphp.txt (3.53Kb)
Michael I.
Michael I. Mar 23 '12
Do you have SSH access? You can setup Cron via SSH, too.
jet xu
jet xu Mar 24 '12
i have not ssh and cpanel. i want to use socket to send mail.who can help me ? any help is appreciated
Michael I.
Michael I. Mar 26 '12
Cron is a must, you cannot run the script properly w/o having Cron set up. So you should find the way to set it up, consider about contacting your hosting provider regarding this.
jet xu
jet xu Mar 26 '12

the challenge is  I have neither Cpanel nor SSH permission ! so I cannot setup cronjob Where The Shoe Pinches。so  I don't know what to do .go to my site and register .you should find that you cannot receive confirm email.so.. help me to overcome this difficulty.any help is appreciated.

Michael I.
Michael I. Mar 29 '12
Cron is a part of server requirements. If you don't have any access to set i t up, why would you need such a server then? Consider about moving to a solid hosting that meets all our requirements and has all necessary tools, such as SSH and Cpanel.