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Gregory Nov 21 '10
My email notifications and mass emails are not working....anyone else with this problem?
Phicheth Nov 22 '10
I got same problem
Thaer Nov 22 '10
check SMTP settings, try disable SMTP and check site email in Main settings.
if not resolved, so check email template in edit language.
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Den Team
Den Nov 22 '10
The most possible reason - not configured cronjob.
Please, configure your cronjob as described on installation manual
Gerald Rusche
Gerald Rusche Nov 26 '11
Addenster your right!

I have had the same problem. Mailing for welcome and anything else worked, but massmailing not. My provider offers activation of cronjobs with his interface. I tried everything for cron via url. Then i set the filename extension run.php into run.phpx and this helped.

Now i "only" need to finish my german translation.
Michael I.
Michael I. Nov 29 '11
Thank you for sharing the information. Hope that would be helpful for someone else.
Michael I.
Michael I. Dec 15 '11
Leo, this is most probably some specific requirements of your hosting server. It would be just nice if you or Gerald could contact your hosting companies and found out why should the filename be changed according to the server settings. Such information is worth sharing and for sure would be very helpful for other Oxwall users.
Ronald Roberts
Ronald Roberts Jan 28 '13
I am also having this problem
Ronald Roberts
Ronald Roberts Jan 28 '13
This was working for the past 2 months and then it just stoped

Ronald Roberts
Ronald Roberts Jan 28 '13
Quote from Leo The explanation is the following: If you add a x behind .php, e.g. run.php to run.phpx, it will be executed as PHPcgi. Because of PHPcgi the access to the file is allowed, so the system have access to the file (cron must be setup right(!): If you use this method you've to set your cron in cron settings to run.phpx).

OK I have tried this and it did NOT work

It appears that the invitations are working but nothing else

Cron setup right:

php -q /home4/thetruc1/public_html/Truckers-Social-Network/ow_cron/run.php

I get no errors in sys mail

This was working fine and then it just stopped PLEASE HELP me

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Alia Team
Alia Jan 29 '13
Ronald, what do you mean by "nothing else" ?
Not all mailing features are connected to CRON setting.
Ronald Roberts
Ronald Roberts Jan 29 '13

I did find that invitations, mass mail and mail from user to user on site are working

But the signup conformation email is not being sent

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