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disable mobile detection | Forum

tammy harris
tammy harris Jul 12 '15
how do i disable mobile detection
so mobile site still runs but ppl on mobile go to main site first 
and then can click mobile view 
tammy harris
tammy harris Jul 12 '15
that disable the whole mobile site 
i dont want disable it i want it still there 

i need disable mobile detection that auto takes mobile devices to the mobile site 

so mobile devices go to the main site and then they can click the mobile view if they with 
The Forum post is edited by tammy harris Jul 12 '15
ross Team
ross Jul 12 '15
Topic was moved from General Questions.
Kieron H Leader
Kieron H Jul 13 '15
tammy u of all peeps should know if it is a code modifications just give up because oxwall wont give u any help on this haha 
tammy harris
tammy harris Jul 13 '15
ut should not be hard and take all of few seconds to answer 

in mdetect.php

take line 485 ti 497 
 // Detects if the current browser is any BlackBerry device.   // Includes BB10 OS, but excludes the PlayBook.   function DetectBlackBerry()   {       if ((stripos($this->useragent, $this->deviceBB) > -1) ||          (stripos($this->httpaccept, $this->vndRIM) > -1))         return $this->true;      if ($this->DetectBlackBerry10Phone() == $this->true)          return $this->true;              else         return $this->false;    }

what true ir false do i need to swap around to stop BlackBerry device auto go to mobile site 

tammy harris
tammy harris Jul 13 '15
lol i wasent even that hard as i thought i have do for every device 

but all you need to do is line 72 change to 
var $true = 0;
James Geddes
James Geddes Jul 20 '15
I would suggest that you disable the stock mobile version and get a responsive theme - the "mobile version" that comes with Oxwall is pants
Simone Aug 7 '16
Hi tammy,

where is mdetect.php ?

I can't find it

thank you

Simone Aug 7 '16
Sorry i've found it and it works thank you :D