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Mourad ben
Mourad ben Jul 26 '15
this morning i was bored, so i took a tour arround the store, and reading items reviews, i noticed that there are more developers wrote fake reviews ( how is this bad ), i noticed this one called Sprintally Solutions
he is very clever in writing fake reviews, i found many bad reviews about his items, also if you read these reviews and compare its date and item's date you fall from loughing, see this theme http://www.oxwall.org/store/item/999 it is updated from just 4 hours ago and see a review titled with New Review July 2015 Must Read.. wrote by someone called Jess/Brad he talking about how is todays update is great, even the update button not appeared yet in his admin area ( hahahahaha)
and all his themes have very nice, very very good, even i tried his themes on his demo i leave his demo once i entered ( hahahaha )

So, i decided to review most of developers here by my way ( because if i want post a review about an item, i must purchase the item, and i am not rich enough to purchase all store items )

A- plugins store developers :

1 -

he has tons of plugins every where, but as his customers said all these plugins without any quality and all his plugins have tons of issues
so, why i purchase from somebody he just want money without giving me something good, also i noticed that no need for his plugins


Skalfa LLC

sure it is a big company and its plugins is very useful and very good, but most  of their plugins are very expensive ( so i will buy their plugins when i become rich )

3- iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
really i liked his plugins, and most of his plugins worth to buy

4- Roderick
i wondered that why this man didn't update some of his plugins, his plugins are very very needed for networks, and used by 80% of oxwall sites that i visited ( keep good work man )

5- Sergey Kambalin

sure he is very clever and good developer and developed most important plugins


in this store i couldn't find better than these 2 designers ( Soundchum web solution and OW Visuals )

1- OW Visuals
really i liked this man's work, i visited his demo site more than 10 times, really i loved his designs ( clean, modern, and really responsive and tested by my phone ), i planned to buy one of his theme but after compare between it and another theme i chosed another theme because i found it as in my mind and has something new ( but really i will purchase his theme to changing between the 2 )

2- Soundchum web solution
clearly this designer added many new elements in his designs, when i visit his demo site and changing between themes i found my self in professional social networks ( once, like twitter, once i feel that i am in facebook, another once i feel my self in yahoo ) i liked his last theme very much ( his designs are creative, new, clear, and responsive )

3- ross
even this man has just 3 themes , but i liked all 3, he can choose good colours and his designs is very clean and simple

4- Oxwall CandyStore
no new, themes similar to oxwall default themes but paid

5- Aesthetic

hahahaha 40$ for nothing new theme

6- Sprintally Solutions
when i visit this one's demo, i feel confused, i feel that in beginner's site
please put yourself in your bed, and stop say wow wow wow, about your themes by fake reviews

finally, please all developers, be honest and stop posting bad reviews to take peoples money, let people can take right decision
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Roderick Jul 31 '15
Hi Mourad,

Great post, a must read for all users here.

Feel kind of honored being named here ;)

Im back and updating my plugins again, most users did know that i moved to another country for my work and health of my daughter. those things had to come first.

Al is fine now, so im back :)

My country flag and avatar plugins are updated.

New things are right around the corner ;)

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tammy harris
tammy harris Aug 1 '15
glad all is good
great to have you back
mondy man
mondy man Aug 1 '15
Thanks Mourad for this topic

personally, i recommended Soundchum web solution
and OW Visuals as they good in themes designing and the 2 developer give very good support, i bought themes from the 2

about plugins developers i recommended Purusothaman Ramanujam , Roderick
and iDragon Solution Co., Ltd

please, please, please don't work with WebFid according many forum post tell us that he a thief
Mourad ben
Mourad ben Aug 1 '15
mondy man
totally agree, but i think oxwall team don't care about our recommendations
please oxwall team, read my topic and delete these bad developers and keep our recommended developers good work  
tammy harris
tammy harris Aug 2 '15
Oxwall should enforce plugin and theme guidelines
and on the over 3/4 that do not pass them the buy it now button should be removed from them 
until they pass the guidelines 

all plugins and themes on oxwall platform updates that are not updated to run on new platform should auto have the buy it now buttons removed until the plugin dev updates there plugin or theme 
matt Aug 2 '15
I think Alexandr Makarov is a fantastic developer.

His Catalog plugin is the most innovative and excellent plugins for oxwall. Not only does it have amazing and flexible features, it also demonstrates the power and potential of oxwall plugins. And for me, serves as a standard to which all other plugins can learn from.

He's als a great dev to hire and work with.

Full review to follow, when I get some time.

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Yevhen Aug 6 '15
Perfect, thanks!
Frederick Ashong
Frederick Ashong Aug 14 '15
I bought the twittox theme after considering different themes on oxwall. Soundchum web solution offered proffessional help through out the setup and configuration. I recommend them.
Onur Sep 5 '15
i think Aesthetic theme is very nice. 
Din Sep 8 '15
Hi all, 

I contacted iDragon Solution Co., Ltd, they agreed to perform work for fee. But after sending technical specifications, they are gone. They are not replying to any of my mails. I think it is very unprofessional. If they can't do, they should just say that they can't do... But just disappearing, I'm repeating, it is unprofessional. 

iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
We has no any free resource at now to research your requirment, if you find other devs can do it, please go ahead.
tammy harris
tammy harris Oct 17 '15

Quote from iDragon Solution Co., Ltd We has no any free resource at now to research your requirment, if you find other devs can do it, please go ahead.
you have no plugins that work and you that stupid every plugin that you have just updated in store there not one thing fixed in them
mitun musha
mitun musha Oct 20 '15

Quote from Tammy
Quote from iDragon Solution Co., Ltd We has no any free resource at now to research your requirment, if you find other devs can do it, please go ahead.
you have no plugins that work and you that stupid every plugin that you have just updated in store there not one thing fixed in them
Oh, this developer also has issue like aron ? Strange...
DeFender Nov 28 '15
Kambalin, Bakitow, SongPhi sind gut developers
Anitaku Dec 25 '15

Quote from DeFender Kambalin, Bakitow, SongPhi sind gut developers
Songphi's support is terrible. Completely absent in fact.