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Can you change the default title format for events? | Forum

Karl Handy
Karl Handy Jul 26 '15
I think this is the right forum section, apologies if it's not.

I'm running an Oxwall site and have set up IFTTT to read the RSS feed for new events. All works perfectly, but...

The default event title format is: <username><title> so that's what appears on Twitter etc.

Can I change this so what Twitter gets is just <title> and no username?



Example event: http://www.mx5er.co.uk/oxwall/event/10
Example tweet: https://twitter.com/mx5ercouk/status/625422792176107520
(I'm removed the image part of the IFTTT recipe - it wasn't essential & didn't seem to work.)
ross Team
ross Jul 27 '15
Topic was moved from General Questions.
Karl Handy
Karl Handy Aug 16 '15

(The above links won't work as we started again here www.mx5er.co.uk/hmf but the issue still exists.)

The Forum post is edited by Karl Handy Aug 16 '15
Guna Aug 22 '15
Yes you can change the title.
Karl Handy
Karl Handy Aug 23 '15

Quote from Guna Yes you can change the title.
Any clues on how? Please?
Guna Aug 25 '15
@Karl Handy Do you want to change event title in event details page?

Just provide your current event title and the expected event title

Karl Handy
Karl Handy Aug 25 '15
I'm using the RSS plugin & IFTTT to post Events automatically to Twitter & Facebook.

Here's the original event: http://mx5er.co.uk/hmf/event/10 with the title "Sunday Run to National Rally A12/A14"

When it appears in the RSS Feed it has the username of the Event creator at the beginning so the title becomes "smiffy - Sunday Run to National Rally A12/A14" as can be seen in the resulting Tweet:


I would like it to NOT add the username to the beginning of the event title so it appears as it does on the Event page. This might be to do with the RSS plugin of course, but there is no option for it. I've also looked through the language plugin and found nothing there.