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GROUPS - changing the heading - Groups | Forum

Gary Jul 27 '15

Within the settings it's possible to set the menu item name to link to the groups, but I'd also like to change the heading for the Groups page from GROUPS to MEETS.

If I view the source the page heading is free text - but where so I edit this template?

<div class="ow_page_container"><div class="ow_canvas"><div class="ow_page ow_bg_color clearfix"><h1 class="ow_stdmargin ow_ic_files">Groups</h1><div class="ow_content"><div class="clearfix"></div>


Karl Handy
Karl Handy Jul 27 '15
I've changed all the wording to meets (apart from the URL) but now I can't delete anything from a group page unless I do it via the dashboard.

You can edit all the on site wording via Languages in the admin pages.
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jul 28 '15
go here: www.yoursite.com/admin/dev-tools/languages - now you'll be able to search by keys
enter this key in the search group_list_heading and tick checkbox "in keys"-> change the value for this key to whatever you want
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