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Reports - Shoutbox | Forum

Zaph Apr 18 '12
Please, leave your bug reports about the plugin here
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Lisa Apr 25 '12

I've installed the shoutbox plugin to user dashboard but it doesn't seem to be functioning. The 'refresh' symbol is moving perpetually and test messages aren't posting. Any idea why this would be happening? 


Also - is there not a way to also install this widget onto the main page? Or is it user dashboard only?

Zaph Apr 26 '12
May be you have a javascript errors on the site, please let me know your domain so I could check it

>> is there not a way to also install this widget onto the main page? Or is it user dashboard only?

By default widget is installed on the main page and you can install it on the dashboard optionally

Lisa Apr 26 '12

Oops! I wasn't seeing it on the main page.


Okay, so some of the messages are showing up on Main page. I can enter a test message and it shows up.


If I enter a test message from User Dashboard it does not show up there, or on main page. But, mysteriously, the missing message WILL show up in the shoutbox installed in groups. Strange!!


Ideally I just want the main page shoutbox to work properly. I think it likely is Javascript errors but I would have no idea how to fix those?

The Forum post is edited by Lisa Apr 26 '12
Zaph Apr 29 '12

Thank you for report. Please update to the latest build. This issue was fixed.

Stan Thompson
Stan Thompson Jul 16 '12
I purchased your Shout box some time ago but since I updated my theme your Shout box is not showing up on my page?
Ho Sy Minh
Ho Sy Minh Aug 30 '12
Help me
I made a purchase and payment is successful, so you can send the link to me
email: minhu2910@gmail.com
Zaph Aug 31 '12
Quote from Hinh
Please check your email
Lisa Oct 22 '12
getting a parserror now when trying to post to shoutbox. had to disable temporarily.
Joseph Oct 22 '12
yes I am getting this same issue I just purchased the plugin and i get a parse error when posting
Zaph Oct 22 '12

If you have Usercredits plugin, please deactivate and activate it again, this will resolve an issue with "parseerror" and also will enable option to set credits for every post

My apologize for inconveniences

Lisa Oct 22 '12
If we deactivate and reactivate usercredits, will it reset our members credits?? Or will it save the settings so that no changes are made to users credit balances?
Joseph Oct 22 '12
if you deactivate it it will be fine just dont uninstall that wilol erase your user's credits
Lisa Oct 23 '12
Thanks, Joseph! :)
Abbey Nov 28 '12
It's saying I have an invalid license key? I purchased this plugin yet I can't update it

Joseph Dec 19 '12
1.5 has a glitch that seems to cause messages to post twice it only happens every now and then.Before 1.5 it would only happen if you had shoutbox open more than once
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