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Not add credits, tested all solutions but one , need help on that - CCBill Billing | Forum

Christer Sep 15 '15
Not add credits. So I tested all the things that could be wrong and all is good but one thing I have no idea how to change or see if its change is this post: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/22105 ;
I had this issue 2 sites ago and you guys helped me fixed it among other things that was wrong.The next site after that I did not have to do anything, for some reason all worked right away.
This new site not add credits. I cant see in the site anything wrong and I tested all. And this explanation in above link I dont get so need help how to do it in a way that some one never been in DB can understand heheh. I have 5 more sites in production and will sure have same issue so good if I can learn how to fix myself and not pest you guys all the time.
This is the last thing that not been done. So please how to do that change in DB? Scary stuff as last time I try I made site show white so help please. below things are done:

1. Check post back urls approved and denial all looks correct (http://www.mysite.com/billing_ccbill/order/postback/

2. Checked the URL given in includes/config.php htt://www.mysite.com is same as in the post back URL

3: Checked and change several times the data link user name and password in both CCbill admin and plug-in on sit to be sure the match.

4. Reinstalled plug in to test if that helped

5. Added and white listed IP

6. Sub-account number and User credits sub-account number are correct and all other settings in the plug in are set correct.

7. Checked the finance tab in site admin and it shows zero transaction even after like 10 test buys, means nothing connecting ccbill and plug-in on site.

8. Had ccbill to check all in their end and run test buys and all good in there end

ok update: I looked in DB and I can see my sub account number there so maybe that is ok then?Then I have even less clue what to do.

UPDATE: Ok in talk with ccbill just now and they see and quotes:

We are getting a failed but otherwise non-specific error from your post back script.

The Forum post is edited by Christer Sep 16 '15
Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Sep 17 '15
Christer, we checked it at our test site and it works just fine. So, the problem is definitely in the CCBill account configurations. So, could you please provide us with your site admin account, cPanel, and CCBill account access details.

Then we will check into the problem and get back with the results.

Christer Sep 17 '15
sent to you thanks
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